Psychic abilities

What are your abilities?


The time Hurricane Irma was at category 5 and i used the inverted pentagram, i engulfed some of Irmas strength, and reduced Hurricane Irma from category 5 down to category 3, and the day after it felt i was suffering a extreme form of Hyperfermia like symptoms of extreme teeth chatting uncontrollable shivering, stayed in bed for the day and have an extreme hot shower it felt warm, i was increadibly focused or Irma would have reached category 6.


I’m gonna have to call bullshit here. Irma became a category three due to a landfall in Florida, specifically the Marco islands. Also, Irma was a category five hurricane throughout most of the storm until the very, very end. Also, according to Robert Simpson category six hurricanes wouldn’t exist because it measures the destruction of man made structures on the Simpson scale. If you look at the path of the hurricane it never suddenly dropped from a category five to a category six. As a chaos magican one should QUESTION everything. UwU Hail Eris!

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