Psychic Abilities: What does it mean?!

Okay so I’ve been meditating for a while now to try and strengthen my clairaudient ability, as I assumed that I’m clairaudient (realized that I’m not, but that isn’t my point here), but the STRANGEST thing just happened to me. Quick story time.

I grew up with a pair of twins, named Andrew and Matthew. Known them since first grade. About a week ago, I couldn’t get Matthew out of my mind. For three days straight, I kept looking over all of his social media accounts to see if he’s okay. I had no reason whatsoever to believe that he wasn’t, I just couldn’t help wonder if he was okay.
This past Sunday, Andrew got into an accident while racing on his dirt bike and both him and the other racer died from the injuries.
Now I can’t get Matthew out of my mind. Losing your literal other half is incomparable and now I really would like to know if he is okay.

Tomorrow is Andrew’s funeral and I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it through it. Yeah, his death is upsetting, but I’m really shaken to the core because, like, I saw it coming. What does this mean??? I can usually call day to day activites, but I’ve never been able to feel something so detrimental and emotionally powerful. And what should I do now? Should I look at this as a good thing?

I’d assume now that I’m claircognizant. Correct or no?