Psionics with a Computer

So I am trying to get into psionics partly for the fact that Uncle Chuckie insists that it is safe from the energy backfiring on the user, since the box acts as a removal tool of sorts to insulate the operator from the operation. For me, that’s vital considering everything seems to backlash and any residue from the magick, regardless of its purpose, is now hurting me.

Chuckie mentions something called the cyber shaman program. It appears the rulers of this world definitely wanted that particular program erased, because I found almost no traces of what the program did and no available means of obtaining it at all. If anybody here knows more about the cyber shaman program, hit me up on a pm to discuss how it worked and how well…

But the meat of my post is this: can I use a computer for psionics? I do not have the power to operate in secrecy. I am about to lose my only ritual storage space. the psychic attack I have been under these past six months since August has been unbelievable. Even now, I am suffering from what I am now realizing is a chronic indigestion hex. Due to its bizarre nature. And that’s the least of it.

I desperately need a means to practice in utter secrecy. By that, I mean I need a way to store everything in literal plain sight. My mother is basically puppeteered by the spirits attacking me. They have almost full reign over my monkey mind too. I call them archons for now. And I believe that is what they are. It’s incredible. Now that the Winter solstice is over and infant sun is now giving me fresh energy, I’m already on the upward swing. My sexual obsessions have literally and instantly dried (while pre-solstice, the sexual obsession was constant and unstoppable. It ever is during this period).

Anyway, I live with a JCI person who has incredible latent dowsing ability for anything hidden against her, and who is guided my malific forces that are bent on me abandoning magick.

I NEED something like radionics to work. And yet, creating those infernal cardboard boxes is just a little bit beyond me at this stage, as there’s nowhere to hide them when not used let alone while they’re functioning.

Now, a computer would be perfect. I have a space for one. But I’m two years dried, like a desert on Mercury, of creative individualism. And nobody gonna have confidence if EVERY spell or magickal working so far has gone reverse of expectations. For two years. A lot of this is psychological, and according to Belial, Sabnock and others, it is indeed psychic attack by these… archons. So. I need moral support.

Would the computers work to replace a radionics box, if I just… hooked everything up to one, used the touchpad as the stick plate, maybe, and the screen as the witness? And use the nubmered keys for the potentiometers? Or does anybody know another forum/personage experienced enough in psionics that they might answer this question accurately?


This is only true of you set your intention that this is how the box operates. Nothing about the box is magick by itself until you as the operator make it so, there’s no silver bullet here. Just blindly believing what other people tell you without understanding WHY they say what they do can work well enough, but not always, and it’s not sovereign. This isn’t grade school and there are no teachers you can trust like that really, you have to try things out, practice and make up you on mind here. If someone gives you a spoon fed solution, be very wary. Setting your intention clearly is a good practice.

Yes. You can also affect computers with psionics.

I’ve has those and I sympathise, they’re teeming in number and keep coming back, and you’re absolutely right that get at your through friends, family, even dates, anything to weaken and distract you and stop you doing your inner work. I finally fixed my issue with them with some very heavy work with The Morrigan that resulted in my working with her permanently. What have you tried so far to get rid of them?

Have you seen Enoch Petruchelly’s free yt video that curses them for you?

On the plus side, they do this to the people with potential to ascend, I feel, which they really don’t want and that’s why they do this to you. So I take it as a backhanded compliment :smiley:


Thanks, your words are very uplifting, Mulberry. Being on here just releasing my tension helps. Because otherwise I’m in a very dark JCI void without a means to voice thoughts. It would probably help if I started a journal, but it would double as a shadowworking dump, and I don’t want to infect the forum with negative energy (not that I think that’d be an issue for most here, but just throwing that out in case).

And yes, I agree about the box not necessarily working the way described unless I totally prescribe to the idea. But the logic of it definitely makes sense. As I am expecting it to run by itself, and therefore I’m not part of its inner workings anymore, In a way, it is basically a poppet and a sigil and a parasite machine.

Have you considered that radionic devices are basically physical thoughtforms? Or rather, thoughtform housings? I believe in some way, ALL our technology is actually a thougthform in density. So it would not surprise me to see radionic boxes working like machines according to a set paradigm, especially if they ARE transmitting actual thoughtwaves. But yeah, I do agree with the heart of what you’re saying, since we CAN alter physics anyway. :wink:

On slightly related note, my computer I regularly use is over 12 years old now, and runs despite having been pretty physically abused. And it does not hurt me energetically like any other does. I think I made a bond with it. It does some weird stuff to the pendulum I’ve been testing (which is made of garnet, my birthstone.)

P.S. I will check out Petruchelly’s work soon. Thank you for the tip. YES, they DO attack those of us with unique backgrounds and potential for Ascension. In my case, I am new to this evil trap and started out in what I am currently calling the True Creator. It basically is the Web of the Weird. It was amazing! It was where “themes” of creation are made. Like, this one is based off duality and mathmatics, as well as a certain series of logical forms that make geometry as we know it. I was watching a constant creation of themes that had no basis in math or duality. Imagine shapes not bound to our form of geometry? Or a universe made of color?

It seems I paid way too much attention to the creations made by our theme, because here I am. It was a mistake to come. :frowning: although I suspect our creation really IS one of the most beautiful and varied. It may well be that its best is proportionately wonderful compared to its worst. Things just… arent’ going as they should right now. : /


Glad I could say something useful :smiley:

Oh yes, that came up in a post the other day, and I think it makes sense. Personally I’m an animist, so in my worldview all objects can be interacted with as manifestations of spirits with their own personalities. So it works for me :slight_smile:

I hope things improve for you soon! :slight_smile:

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