Psionic warfare

Jonathon Welton -- Discerning of Spirits Part 1 of 5 - YouTube … This is a youtube video with a religious slant, so be careful.
As far as the Seeing in the Spirit, maybe this video, ( at least parts of it ) might show us how to use psionic weapons, and to know when they are used against us.
Best to apply this from a Real occult perspective and not the religious dogma.
Even this speaker admits that this ability is a Natural Human Ability, not God or Satan.
He debunks the mainstream religious Christian mentality about this skill.
I post it merely as an aid in seeing possibilities for using this ability in our own way, for our own reasons.
As for what he calls Angels, Demons, and such, use your own discernment as to if what he says about any of this is true…
He does give some good bits on psionic weapons, and the astral.


Part 1, the first part discusses this directly, then he goes onto religious stuff.
Part 2, is mainly religious talk.
Part 3, from the beginning to around the 11 minute part. Pay close attention to the 9 minute 10 minute part, about Blinking Out.
Part 4, is mainly religious talk, although he does talk about three main skill levels of seeing.
Part 5, at around the 7 minute part, he discusses the imagination for the remainder of the video, although he mixes it in with religion and the bible quite a bit.

This video is short and discusses the psionic spiritual weapons for about the first 6 minutes.
The rest is interesting but a little bit change of subject.