Psionic Havoc

Hello everyone. I’m new on this forum. I already introduced myself in the new members area. Hope I don’t offend anyone by posting so soon. So much information at my fingertips, so hard to resist.

Again, I am a Psion, have been for some time. Mostly I use it for dark powers, energies, though not on random strangers, or people I don’t know. Though I hear it is possible to cause mass destruction, I have not yet attempted.

Was wondering, there are not too, too many psionic topics on this forum. I have looked over a good deal of them. I, too, have of course read all of Uncle Chuckie’s works. Gold mines, to be sure.

Okay, anyway. Was wondering, does anyone have any killing techniques with psi? Or destruction techniques. I know how to heal, and to make people better from being sick and so on. All it takes for either light or dark energy is the psi ball and the thought form, at least to me. But I was wondering if we could perhaps build up some techniques?

Killing techniques. Dark power techniques. Techniques for mass destruction. Just general havoc. I am pretty sure this is the only place to do it, or to ask for it.

If that is too much for anyone, I do have a lighter, kinder side….but for now, am really wanting to build up an arsenal. I of course have tips and techniques to share too, so don’t think I am just being a leach. And Uncle Chuckie is always full of good stuff.

I’d just like to open up the board for dark psions, and dark powers with psionics to come to the forefront.

Thanks guys,

Take Care

Psionic techs are mostly rooted in the ability to manifest energy in the physical plane. Master that and you can do virtually anything under that paradigm.

Awesome. Thanks for that, Diazin. I have mastered opening up my palm chakras, and forming the energy into a ball, then programing it with a thought form, from my crown chakra. Mostly it works good, was just trying to open up for some Psionic discussion, in truth, on the darker side, at least a bit. Most Psionic groups on centered around healing, which is fine, but tends to suppress the other, perhaps more aggressive info. Just my take. Again, thanks for your feedback. I can mostly get things done on the physical plane. Take it easy.

You’ve read Baneful Magick right?
There’s a chapter on psionics, its one of the first discussions me and Eric had, the way he uses the word psionics and the way Chuck defines it are quite different, it’s still about energy manipulation so its very informative.

Indeed I have. If I recall, his is more about Magick. It was helpful, Psychic Assassins, and so forth. Though for me, I tend to stay away from the Magick aspect, even though they are one and the same, and keep the simplicity if personal and individual power. Psi balls instead of Evocation, etc. Both work, I just find what works best for me.