Psionic energy, intent and physical objects

Hey, so I have a simple, yet complicated question.
most material I have come across relating to psionic energy focuses on manipulating the energy in and around you using personal intent, I was wondering if it was possible to manipulate energy through writing? since the general consensus of the books I’ve read on psychic energy states that energy follows intent, I’ve wondered if its possible to passively manipulate energy through physical objects utilizing writing as a passive mode of expressing intent.

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Good question.

I’ve been trying to make stuff happen through writing magick for some time.

I have nothing to show for.

Anyway, you may want to chek up Taylor Ellwood’s “The n¿magic of writing”, there is a ton of info in that book.

Yes, it’s similar to how servitors are made, psionics is just direct energy work with intention/will.

Much of Egyptian magick/Heka is done through writing/painting.

However, depends on how far you mean?


I guess the question is; can energy constructs be made more resilient through writing? one issue I came across in researching energy constructs was their tendency to decay rapidly, so I thought maybe it would be possible to bind the construct to a piece of paper that had the constructs programming inscribed on it, therefore protecting the constructs programming from decay. pursuing this line of thought I wonder; is it possible to not only increase the lifetime of the construct but also directly create the construct through writing?

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Rapid decay of a construct is most likely due to lack of an energy source or as some use in their servitors a smaller construct that acts as a generator that absorbs and distributes energy throughout it but all the same can be done through programmed/energy writing.


You might be interested in the book:

The Tao of the Craft by Benebell Wen – You can find it on Amazon pretty easily.

Its about manipulating energy through the use of Talismans, and the ritualistic process to create and empower them via eastern traditions.

But through my own personal experiences, you can use writing to manipulate people by putting intent behind your words, meaning into your creation. Words, Language in itself, has unique ways to impart itself on the psyche. You can research sentence structure, length, and word choice. Experiment with giving your reader a series of shorter sentences. Experiment with longer sentences. Take note on how they naturally make a person feel and how much attention is required to navigate the sentence.

You can use these to your advantage when you want to implant will behind your writing.

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