Prynce's Journal continued


Hello everyone. Made it back. Wanted to continue my journal here.


Thought I would make an entry. I had a very specific dream the other night where I was around about 5 people their faces blurred and a tsunami wave kept crashing down on me (about 100 stories high) and after Everytime I had the wave subside I seen a pwen (voodoo doll) sit on a table. The number of times this happened in the dream was about 3 to 5. And Agwe has been on my mind. I know he wants my attention again. The day after the dream there is a storm that has hit my area with rain and wind and the like. I haven’t done a proper voudan ritual in months. I have moved forward from Papa Legba for now,But Agwe has my attention now. It’s time to start soul traveling again and go to him in his domain and speak to him


Decided to make yet another entry. Agwe has given me an answer: the question was “who should I talk to as a LWA to help me right now” the answer is Pomba Gira. For the forum who is currently talking about this LWA as a seductive LWA the Petro side of her is a LWA who is against any kind of domestic violence or any harmful intent towards an ex. Which is appropriate for me because I have such an ex. Who has made my life a living nightmare. There is a fast response from the LWA which I LOVE. And I will prepare my rite to her soon starting with her veve.


Today’s entry is a bit about confirmation basically I need to find a proper LWA who I can meet with and curse someone. The stress on my body is hurting me to the point of having my neck muscles spasm and freeze. I know what I must do. The rest of the details of the ritual i.e offerings, The LWA I’m to call, and execution of the ritual itself becoming possessed by the Lwa


Today was an interesting day. I believe I am being lead to call forth Pomba Gira or Baron Semedi for the purpose of guidance and goals. Today nothing bothered me. I even watched people as they danced around in their lives amused by them, but people don’t really concern me unless they get in the way of what I try to accomplish in life. Good day.


Today I was thinking about my personal journey how blessed my life is, and how I have not even begun to do wonderous things as far as my work. I wonder where it will take me, where my personal gnosis is beyond my code of living. Truthfully I am consumed by stress I keep thinking of nick cage in the rock “I love stress I eat it for breakfast”. I am very careful to select targets for baneful works. But Baron Samedi has my attention in my mind. Constantly there. I am going to ask him soon where he would guide me in my work. My favorite part of being me is I consider myself a seasoned soul traveler constantly going beyond this world into others with purpose. I have had run instead with things that have made me emotionally scared to the point of crying in my younger days I’m curious to ask @E.A his views on soul traveling attacks. I wouldsuggest myself for a more in depth instructor for it but Robert Bruce already has that spot. Till my next entry.


So tonight I called on Baron samedi made my petition to him gave him what offerings I could and something familiar happened that has happened countless times before but in all actuality it’s different. I heard the dead coming closer to me and the only thing I could describe it too was secadas those little annoying beetles in the woods but this was LOUD. Like hurt my ears and my eyes the interesting part is that it affected the physical first. Then I heard the spiritual. So this is a breakthrough of gnosis for me in some respects


My work with Baron samedi has yeilded certain results that to me are quite disgusting which range from visceral experiences of getting my mouth full of saliva then a woman says “oh spit instead of swallow eh” to Kundalini yoga being necessary for the rising and chairs work I’m being lead to banishings. I think this particular spirit is trying to tell me that I may have some very harmful energy around me


My current works with various LWA as of late has been interesting from full blown possessions to a few days of absolute insanity as I feel like I’m shifting between planes which is not a good feelings at all in fact I hate it. And I gave offerings of coffee this morning to the LWA. To be.honest I need to get away from Legba I feel. I am not making progress with him constantly being in my thoughts. I feel like doing alot of sheilding and possibly some cleansings again.