Protective amulets

These two protective amulets work very powerfully.I’ve used them both but these days I tend to use the IAO one; very powerful amulet. The mudra {hand seal} of charging is the same for both only the charge changes…To charge the Seal, hold your hands in the
gesture called the Triangle of Manifestation (palms facing the seal, tips
of the thumbs and index fingers together making a triangle through
which you can view the object that you are charging). …make sure you use the correct charge for each… THE IAO SEAL CHARGE: (THIS SEAL IS DRAWN IN RED) I adjure you by your name and your power, by your figure and your amulet of salvation and the places where you dwell By
your light wand in your right hand and the light shield in your
left, and by the great powers which stand before you! I adjure
you, do not hold back and do not ignore, but descend unto me
and unto your amulet of salvation!
Watch and protect the body and the soul, the spirit and the
house of N. son of N, and his loved ones as well! Bring to them
life yearly, without any disease! Cast forth from them every
evil force and never allow them to approach them! Cast forth
from them every demon and every devil, and every Apalaf and
Aberselia, and every power of darkness and evil eye, and every
eye shutter and chill!
Cast them away from N. and from his family, from his dwell-
ing and children!
ohi shaohi shashaohi shaihi sha aaao
Protect and shelter him, by IAO, by Sabaoth! By the Archangels
Michael and Gabriel! By IAO and Sabaoth, Adonai and Elohim,
Elemas Miksanther and Abrasax, by Michael and Gabriel,
Raphael and Suriel, by Raguel and Asuel and Saraphuel, I adjure
you by your holy powers, Watch and protect N.
Thalalmelal, Kokalthaal, Maalbuk, Ananias Setra,
Asarias, Misak, MisaelAbdenako, Chesenaethi, Chersospaethi,
Hilelmilel, Michor!
iao Following this portion of the rite, incense is lit and offerings made to the attendant spirits in gratitude fortheir aid. At this point the charge is given, although it may seem redundant given the repetitive entreaties during the invocation beseeching the Angels called to Watch and Protect the subject of the work. THE WHEEL OF HEKATE :It can be inscribed on parchment, or engraved in metal. It can also
be painted on the floor as a magickal circle of protection. The charge
of the symbol invokes not only Hekate, but four groups of the triple
eminine figures from Greek Mythology: the Furies, the Graces, the
Fates, and the Gorgons. To charge the Seal, hold your hands in the
gesture called the Triangle of Manifestation (palms facing the seal, tips
of the thumbs and index fingers together making a triangle through
which you can view the object that you are charging). Use the follow­
ng invocation to charge the seal: Hail to Hekate, keyholder of the world
Hail to Enodia, keeper of the triple road
Hail to Nekuia, guardian of the grave
Nether, Nocturnal, and Inferal one
I call thee by thy three secret names
Ereshkigal, N ebotosoaleth, Aktiophis
By your name I call forth the fates!
All powerful Morae
Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos
I stir, conjure, and call thee!
You, who originate, measure, and cut the
fabric of life
Take mercy upon thy thread
And spin the tide of battle in my favor
By your name I call forth the furies!
Terrible ones spawned from the blood of Uranu
Alecto, Tisiphone, Megaera
I stir, conjure, and call thee!
Come forth from Ere bus and protect the bearer
this seal
Through righteous wrath drive out all attackers
May not even the names of my enemies exist!
Oh Hekate!
In your name I call forth the Gorgons!
Serpent-haired guardians of the secret crossroads
Euryale, Sthenno, Medusa
I stir, conjure, and call thee!
Come forth from the west and protect the bearer
of this seal!
You who are covered in impenetrable scales, with
serpent hair and hands of brass
Guard against all malicious spirits and sorceries
Be present and stand ready!
By your name I call forth the graces!
Beauteous ones who dance eternal through the
Thalia, Euphrosyne, Aglaia
I stir, conjure, and call thee.
Come forth from the glades and attend your
Heal all harm that has been done by my enemies
And lead me on the paths of plenty
Hekate Propylaia
Hekate Phosphoros
Hekate Propolos
Protectress, Illuminator, and Guide
It is in your name I call the spirits
To ask for their favor, fury, protection, and grace.
It is by your power that it shall be done
Hail to Hekate, Keyholder of the world. The invocation follows a simple pattern: first it invokes Hekate as
the supreme goddess and then, in her name, calls forth the spirits.
These triple groups of spirits are invoked in this particular order as a
type of defensive strategy. First the Fates are called upon to lend
fortune’s favor to the whole situation. Next the Furies are called upon
to forcefully drive out the offending influence from our sphere. After
the influence has been routed out by the Furies, we set up guard against
further attack by invoking the Gorgons to stand guard. Finally we
invoke the Graces to heal any damage done and ask for their benevolent
The symbol that is connected with this spell can be engraved onto
metal, preferably silver, burned into wood, or made on parchment and
carried. It can also be drawn over a door as a protection glyph or on
the floor as a protective circle.
n.b : record the charge then follow through


I just tried the protection of Hecate and just after I finished the charging and left some of my blood on the sigil because I felt drawn to do so I heard all the dogs barking at the distance. I heard from V.K Jehannum that dogs barking are an omen of Hecate’s coming. Thank you Hecate!


Interesting ritual

@Thesombra what is the seal of IAO? (Want to try it for I can draw it in red ink)

Is there one??? Actually maybe Abraxas with shield, sword and the legs as an infinite?