What will happen if I don’t use protection while summoning demons? for example like Bael.

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Always wear a rubber.

Really, you should do whatever feels right for you.


why do we need protection? I meant we asked for his help, right? Don’t you trust him enough?

Against parasites and imposters.


That depends on multiple factors.

As the first answer said, you should do whatever feels right for you.

Trust your intuition, it can save you from a lot of shitty experiences.

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Whst I typically do Is ask the demon or spirit to bring the imposters and or other beings with him or her as they depart.

Personally, I do not like imposters or parasites here. There was a time when I welcomed them, but things are changes.

I’ve working with 3 Gods and a 4th Spirit at the same time. There is no “place” for an another spirit there. They know this very well, so they don’t try to bother Us with their presence.

It would be a painful experimente to them, after all.

Bael is totally loving, understanding, careful, beautiful, attractive and charming. I doubt that anyone could have had a bad experience with him