Hi all.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and whatnot. I have a question. Specifically about currents etc.

I am scratched in Palo Mayombe and have been around the community my whole life.

This current can be for the most part very “heavy”. Palo works quick as the dead work for tokens.

My question involves total absolute protection from all ills. While I am cognizant of the abilities and limitations of each (trust me King Paimon will come to your aid; but it is contingent on the threatening of his artwork) I am nonetheless a target at points in times in my life yes, I can admit some of this may be blowback for over zealous works but, some (and have been confirmed through various readings) seem to prevail in wreaking havoc on my life despite my best efforts in trying tho thwart them.

To whom should I seek counsel and guidance?


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Wow, you’ve been a member here since 2015, made three posts in that time, but still have not done an introduction as per the rules. Please do so.