Protection spells with help from a spirit

Greetings all…I am looking to do a protection spell on myself. I am going to invoke Lucifer to assist me with this. Can I make a protection spell to last as long as I want, like an entire phase of the moon cycle?

Many thanks in advance

The spell will work until it runs out of energy. I usually cast those things only when they are needed, like if I had a shield and I rise it only when I might be hit. Letter Beth does the trick well. Having a guard of your favorite entities works well too, and they will look really cool flying around your car

That sounds awesome…Ideally I would like my protection spell to last a full lunar cycle…I suppose I could find one and make it suit to my needs and maybe get a talisman for protection also, what do you think?

Not my style, yet those are the common things that magicians are known for doing