Protection Spell Question

Let’s say that immediately you are in a life or death situation and you need protection right away. What ritual or incantation can one do that would be the best choice for that specific moment?

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I’d call on the spirit I have a lifetime pact with, which IMO is why you need that kind of link to some spirit (doesn’t have to be one from the class known as “demonic”) - because they invest time in you and will therefore want to protect their investment.

It can go deeper than that but the basic thing is to get yourself a mentor/patron/Matron whatever.

Do as many pacts as you can once you find the right one, so they’re going to look out for your hairless primate ass. :slight_smile:

But be aware that you’ll be on their speed-dial as well, and things like that are usually a two-way street - not always, but often.


I have to agree with Lady Eva; having a long term pact with a particular spirit that will protect you when needed beforehand is pretty helpful in times of need.

But without that, I would get acquainted real quick with Samassk and the Archangel Michael. Get to know their sigils and preferably you should have met with them in evocation at least two or three times. They may have some additional instructions for you on what to do if you are in a surprise dire situation but otherwise concentrating on their sigils may also send a distress signal.

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This also goes hand-in-hand with the pact thing - or at least, having a very strong relationship already with at least one trusted spirit. Try consecrating some sort of talisman you can keep on your body, a link between you and the guardian spirit. Handle it often, whenever you speak or work with your ally. Eventually it’ll settle into the ‘background’ of your awareness as a part of their presence that’s simply with you, habitually.

How would I go about the first steps of making a pact with an entity? How would I start to look? Do I just call up a spirit by evocation and ask? Plus, what do you mean by being on their speed dial and it’s a two way street?

Also, how do you guys phrase your pacts? Do you people have a general outline?

I don’t really know how to answer the first part of your post because a lot of my stuff’s so far in the past I only remember parts, but what I mean by the speed-dial thing is that if you enter a lifetime pact with a spirit to help you, further your own evolution, etc., they’re also (very reasonably) going to want things from you, some of which will be fairly simple and some of which might be outright bizarre.

This is why when you draft a pact you have to be COMPLETELY honest about what you will, and will not, be able to do, and not try to pad it like most of us have padded a CV (or dating profile!) because once you’ve told your would-be lifetime ally/partner you’re ready to offer something, it’s going to cause a big problem if you go back on your word.

Just make sure to get a spirit you LIKE, who you’d like if they were kind of a person you could hang out with, that you feel (in advance of the pact) “gets” you and your way of life, thought processes, etc., and that helps a lot - I’m so lucky mine only ask me to do stuff I find fun and interesting, but then that’s also the kind of “luck” that comes from doing a lot of negotiating and a lot of drawing some very hard boundaries on things that may seem superfically minor.

Obviously not all pacts need to be lifetime ones but spirits tend to not actually leave us, especially once they’ve been part of our loves for a 1-month or 3-month pact… so choose carefully.