PROTECTION RITUAL and Shit seems to hit the Fan now

Now, this is serious.

I have started a Massive Cleansing and Banishing Ritual and summoned Opfaal the last days, but now it seems that shit has hit the fan.
Had a fallout with someone I loved and important contacts in my life ignore my messages.
Something truly disastrous happened and I am completely in shock.

The strange thing is that I feel physically better, I am not so tired any more and my mood went up.
Just as if an entity left my body and is creating disaster to weaken me and get back in.
I’m talking out of my a**, I know…but have you ever experienced such a massive negativity when you started to banish and cleanse with more determination?

My life on the outside is literally falling apart right now…

Just curious if this is normal.


Sounds like one of two things happened:

-The rite worked properly; it’s purging shit from your life that’s negatively impacting you, even if you value it.


-Something malevolent fucked up your rite and is raising hell in your life…


Do some divination to see what it was. Keep up the work, some shit is often not killed immediately. We can all attest to that.


I hands down agree with Dusk. That was my first thought too. Your rite worked and it’s purging things you thought you needed but really didn’t. The tell tale sign here is your life is falling away on the outside but notice how you feel better?

You didn’t need these things

Destruction comes before Creation.

Look at this as an opportunity to create new things for yourself.

Where do you want to go from here?

You can only go up

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I’m really not a big believer in Destiny showing me what I want or need. Many people have told me that maybe specific things weren’t meant to be and the more I sticked with them, I finally got them.
And they always turned out to be some of the greatest things of my life. And extremely empowering.

So don’t think this esoteric nonsense that some things might not be right for you and destiny is proving it to you. I’m just pushing harder if this happens. This whole calmness thing and allowing things to happen bc what is meant for you will bee easy - that’s FUCKING BULLSHIT.
How the hell does destiny know what I need when it allows curses to happen and weird people to eat children at rituals?

There are many entities (and maybe fucked up people who use Remote Influencing) who try to damage your judgement.The voice in your head might not be your own at all at times. I am often telling people to be more careful about their so-called intuition.
What you experience on the outside world can influence your intuition drastically (read the books Influence by Robert Cialdini) and cloud your entire judgement. You have to be careful with the voices in your head sometimes. Or when things seem not meant to be. I just don’t believe it because I often made it happen anyway.

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Sorry I replied Up to you what you think

I’m so sorry for my harsh answer. I didn’t mean to sound so aggressive. I know what you mean, and yes maybe sometimes it’s better to let things go for your own peace of mind. But you really have to calculate how massive the loss is.
I believe it is good to try to fight back several times until you just really can’t anymore.
Thank you for your answer

Hows it going?