Protection from evil spirits?

How do I know I can protect myself from evil spirits if I don’t have evil spirits?

Will power. Image weapons to kill some gods with. Devour the wick souls…

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Do you want me to send you one for target practice LOL


Rather learn to perceive a friendly spirit first

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I love you dude, your too funny :+1:

I’m just trying to figure out how I’m gonna learn spiritual self defense

As basic and dumb as this may sound coming from a newbie, couldn’t you just use a sigil. EA says at some point when you become adept tools etc would not be necessary, your will alone should suffice. I tend to agree with @Purple
Hope I didn’t misquote :slight_smile:


Hi @davethebarbarian

Why are you worrying? I guess you can’t really know for sure. However it’s not a test or something that anybody can guarantee that they have.

As it’s actually a skill that you learn that eventually becomes part of who you are. Believe me if you have an evil spirit or demon disturbing you? You will know it without a doubt.

A Mage that I know was possessed for years by a demon that demanded blood and rigorous sex beyond the normal. He says that he thinks at that time that it was Satan. He now thinks quite differently now that it’s over.

He used to black out when the demon/Satan was using his body. While his actual conscienceness had no idea of what he was doing at the time.

Sometimes he’d come to hours later not knowing where he was or whom was sharing his bed? Often he would cut himself often after he’d start drinking without really even wanting to. He went through true hell!

However in the end it wasn’t an exorcism but his own strong will that freed him from being a slave to this evil demon/Satan or some kind of implant and/or brainwashing technique that was destroying his life. Once he became aware of what was happening he was able to free himself.

He also is quite sure that he was a victim of MK Ultra as a child. He even has memories of them brainwashing him as a child. It’s more than likely that’s what it was not Satan. That’s the image that they brainwashed into his mind.

He feels sure that the demonic behaviour was all implanted within him as a child. Then a certain trigger came along and then everything in his life came tumbling down and that’s when the “demonic manifestation” began.

I’m happy to say that he is fine now and is settled down with a lovely lady in his life for the last few years now.

The reason I’m writing all this, is so that you and others won’t fear what is not happening to you. As fear is what can attract low lying parasites and demons/daemons etc from the astral plane to attach to people that fear them.

Be aware and always know exactly what you are doing before an important ritual, evocation, invocation, divination and spirit work of all kinds.

What we do on this plane can and does have implications on other planes of existence. Everything we do resonates and we need to be aware of that fact.

One of the best selling well known older occult books is “Psychic Defence” by Dion Fortune. You’ve probably heard of her, but if you haven’t? This book along with her other works are well worth reading.

Psychic Defence is one of the first books that I read many, many moons ago now.

Also cleansing your house and ritual area would probably be a good idea too. This can range from the good old sage cleansing to a full ritual with incantations, incense, candles and athame where you go around the house chanting in every single corner of every single room and so on.

I’m sure by researching on here, Google and quality Occult books of your own, that you will find plenty of ideas to protect yourself.

Try not to worry as your probably going to be just fine.

Hope this helps you or anyone else whom reads this!