Protection for animals

I was wondering whether Archangel Michael is a good entity to work with for the protection of animals from bodily harm, and to punish those who inflict pain and misery on animals. Cases of animal abuse in the area i live in has increased greatly and i feel something has to be done, considering that law enforcement doesn’t give a shit.

He might, but you’d have to ask him to make sure.

A lot of the Egyptian gods are intimately linked to animals, you could possibly try contacting them.

True that Eva. Bast is always super quick to help any issues I have with my cats, whether they go missing or get sick. And I’ve never given her any regular offerings either. She just genuinely adores cats.

… & Goddess Sekhmet if you want a bit of kick arse.

I believe that there are a few gods and goddesses that are protective of animals. As I’ve experienced it, Lilith is one of them. Putting your beliefs about her, aside, she cares deeply about children too. She is a mother, after all.

And she can be very harsh when someone is treating vulnerable, defenseless beings wrongfully.

If you’re inclined towards Christian/Judeo magick you could look up patron saints of specific animals or find angels that are inclined towards that specific animal.

I believe St. Francis is the patron saint of animals - I know several denominations that perform a ‘Blessing of the Animals’ on his feastday (November 4th, if memory serves).

Hoodoo and conjure shops for sure have something related to St. Francis such as oils and incense.

Additionally, depending on who you ask, a brown candle can represent animals in general so you could use these two to put together a specific ritual to ensure the protection of animals in your area.

If that doesn’t work for you I might suggest going through various old grimoires and see if there are spells or spirits for protecting animals.

Thank you for mentioning that. I have a new cat and have grown very attached.