Protection for a christian

Will a demon be willing to protect someone who hates them ? I want to ask King Vine or Lucifer or someone else to protect my mom and sister . But my mom hates demons and anything to do with Satan with a passion . She always says Satan get away from, go to hell and stay there etc . So if I ask one of them to protect her will they do it ? Protection from physical harm . I don’t want her to die any time soon.

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“Well if she hates me so much why you Asking me for help?”
-Satan, 2018


Instinct is telling me no.

Just playin man…
If you assign a spirit to protect someone, the only one that can revoke that is you. You are God. Nobody else can revoke that protection unless she verbally says,
“Get the fuck away from me.”

And i feel she will automatically revoke that protection. If Jehova cant do his fuckin job, she is on her own.



Lucifer has worked on behalf of my mother who is Christian. He’s not easily offended and I’d argue he’s not Satan. But at any rate, if I ask him to move his hand or protect he does even if it’s a Christian .


Why not just ask an angel? That is pretty much the definition of Michael’s job, according to the lore.


But what @AradiaX and @DarkestKnight seems like sound advice to me.

My answer was just based on instinct.


I’m Christian and working with belial,albigor & Lilith it’s about respect I don’t threaten them with the names of God or anything I have never been harmed either.


Another option would be to create a servitor specifically as a protector for your mom. One of the perks of this method is you get to design it to look like anything you want so it could be a vicious bunny with razor sharp teeth that looks all cute and fluffy until it senses a threat.


No definitely no, Demon would probably have her destroyed, or make her life difficult, its like asking Satan to protecting Jesus, will not work.

I’d go with angels, if you can;t communicate reliably enough to get an answer from them would they be willing. Better safe than sorry.

But he took Jesus some tasty snacks in the desert? :smiling_imp:


Yeah I didn’t think of that . I don’t know why but I don’t see them as effective as others .

But she does pray to him . And I think she prays to others .

If she believes in them she’s adding her own inner divinity to them, may be the best route.


Yeah but I just want to make sure she’s safe

The Archangel Michael has an unsurpassed reputation as a protector so i think he would be more than appropriate to keep your mom safe.


You can always ask and see how they react. Just be respectful about it and they can decide to do it or not. If you decide to not ask Lucifer or King Vine directly, you’re giving yourself an automatic no. Always worth a shot.


Lucifer and Michael are bros.
The whole “deamons and angels hate eachother” thing is propaganda.

I try to remember our morals are not law and definetly not theirs.

OP, ask Lucifer what he thinks. That’s what I’d do, best answer would be from him right?

If you don’t feel it’s a good idea I’d talk to some angels. There’s a black Magician on youtube who always says she loves Michael, nothing gets past him. So I think it’s in the mind kindof situation.
If you think she might try to banish the Deamon ask an angel to make sure :wink:


Why don’t you work with an angel like Michael or Raphael


Maybe? I’d ask the demons first.

If they say no, try looking into angels like Archangel Michael.