Protection and Eye for an Eye... for my cat

Someone shot my cat.

Okay, yes, we have a lot of cats. But the thing our cats have over the annoying yap-yaps and other dogs that run around our cul de sac and neighborhood is our cats don’t threaten you aggressively. (I’ve been cornered, barked at, and even had to carry a gun with me just to go to the mailbox.) Our cats walk around and look at you. That’s what they do.

One of my cats is a big, big tom named Mongo. (Actually it’s Liono but he’s Mongo now because he got so big.) We just noticed he has a BB hole on the side of his face. If we can’t get the BB out he’ll die slowly.

This demands retribution.

Here’s what I want to do for him.

  1. I want to set a protection spirit to go with him wherever he goes.
  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing the perpetrator shot in the face. Eye for an Eye and all that. BUT…
  3. The more efficient thing would be the perpetrator to find themselves in deep doodoo for breaking animal protection laws as well as be removed from the neighborhood forever. EDIT: Of course if it’s an ignorant kid the more efficient thing is for them to be taught an everlasting lesson so they can become the adult that will stop THEIR kid from shooting an animal like that.
  4. If they are removed, they must be replaced with people who will not be the prejudiced, snobbish jerks we live with. They must be replaced by good people.

It’s a large request. I happen to know even larger can be fulfilled.

I wonder if folks can give me advice on who to approach for these things? I’m serious in asking. Yes, I’m already preparing to do some stuff on my own. But for this, I’d like experienced advice from folks who know more than myself.

GRRRR… shot my cat. I don’t normally whip out m’guns, but this calls for my guns.


Artemis, Hekate and bastet are your go tos.


I definitely want to help with this. I’ll try to focus on that disgusting criminal scum. I’ve been meaning to use all this energy for something. :smiling_imp:

I hate people who hurt animals…


Yeah, you have to get that out, it’s a horribly painful place for him to be shot and if it gets infected it will be horrific.


As for protecting the cat, I’d make a servitor. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to make certain he’s safe without having to make any deals or command any existing entities to do it.
As for the vengeance, it’s best you cast for the identity of the shooter. It could be a child who doesn’t know any better. Or it may be a rapist/pedophile who deserves to die painfully and very slowly. The two require different actions don’t they? So cast for the shooter to be identified. Then take each step one by one. Dont try to fit it all in one ritual. You want to get it right.
Edit: I hate animal abuse. I’ll help you kill the fucker when you find him out.


As Belial can protect you from the law he should be able to put others in trouble with it. If not he should have no trouble wrecking havoc on other aspects of this persons life, enough to make them leave? Freija loves cats so I think she would be more than willing to help you put the perpetrator to justice. However, I’d go with a killing curse myself if my cat was harmed.


Oh yeah, BB-gun points a bit more towards a kid… Stupid kid might not deserve as bad vengeance as cruel adult. Tricky. Most people here that harm cats are adults poisoning them and intentionally running them over


Raphael can help heal your cat.

Poor kitty. :sob:


The ironic thing here is I’ve had to go to Bastet to save his life in the past, when he was lost. I owe her so much. Artemis actually had asked for a portrait from me a while back - which I did - so perhaps getting her to help won’t require too much of a wheel and deal. I’m not familiar with Hekate. Taking notes, preparing up the research.

We’re going to see if we can get him to the vet first thing next week. Guess this means also a money spell, to pay for that.

We’re already on that. Good to know we’re probably on the right track. We’re actually going to see about creating one for each cat. We have nine cats total - they’re not all mine. But they’re here.

You’re right of course. I shall amend my post - it’s actually not my style to just do stuff blindly in case it IS a child who didn’t know any better.

But. If it’s a child they need to be TAUGHT better… which IS my style.

Oh, no. This is going to take several rituals. Good weekend for it, though. I could go to church, power up with everyone’s energy they just throw around, and be ready to go. :slight_smile:

Oh my. You guys are replying faster than I can type. And I type pretty fast.

For all those willing to help: thank you so much. Thank you. We’ve actually been “the odd man out” in this neighborhood for years. And you know what? I’m paying for my house just the same as almost everyone else is. (One got her house in a divorce settlement.) But I tell myself, better than other situations such as being outright discriminated against. But this… we can’t even walk outside without crap. This is over the top.


Meanwhile see if you can find a busy forum about cats, ask for help and tips on there, there might be first aid you can do. I have had life-saving advice for my dog from a forum before now, people can be really helpful.

And a vet should let you space the payments out over time, not ideal but better than nothing.


No, unfortunately not around here. The only vet I’ve ever known that would do payments was in Florida, and he might be dead of old age by now. He was a GOOD vet.

Something good will happen for Mongo, though. We have CareCredit, and one of the vets takes that. Just not our regular vet.


I also want to mention Hass’cotor from the Book of Azazel. He can help you communicate with your kitty, to find out what he needs and wants.

He might also be able to protect him, as his specialty is animal guides and familiars.


… I think… because something about your statement and the name was “bright” I’m going to look at that first. Thank you!


Kitty/pupper emergencies rally the troops like nothing else! :heart_eyes_cat:


I’m not saying the kid gets off Scott free. Send a demon to give him a lecture :smiling_imp:
But I doubt it’s a kid. That’s a pretty good shot for a kid to make. A cat’s face isn’t a big target.


I’m very sensitive to animal harm in any way. Don’t let a child fool you, a child harming an animal like this can lead to them becoming more sadistic in the future and I’ve seen too many horrid things done to animals by children when there was NO WAY they didn’t know like burning, shooting or even what happened to my grandfather’s dog.

He found a puppy being used by little kids as a fishing lure. A fucking live puppy had a hook jammed into her jaw and was being thrown into a lake!! Those children would have been dead if it was me.

If I can help find the shooter I will but I hesitate to do more, my rage is too much.


I already am working my magick on the criminal. :blush: :smiling_imp:

If it’s a kid, he’s gonna be a terrified one at that. :smiling_imp:


Well to be fair to kids everywhere, when I was a kid hanging with the neighbor’s kid we were both that good of a shot. My neighbor could shoot a bird out of a tree by hitting their tiny leg. He used to do that for me, because I really wanted a pet bird. They all died, sadly.

The difference between my neighbor and I, is I learned from it and - ignoring some really dark times - now would try to save a bird and try to be a good pet owner despite being overwhelmed with so many. My neighbor… well… he’s just an arse, last I saw him.


I… I have no words for this. I just… I’m angry just THINKING about that. And… appalled!!


Okay, yes, that’s the spirit. Pun not intended.