Protection and curse removal rituals making me sick?

So I started the master protection ritual and the cancel a curse/ attack ritual from the magical protection book last week and I’ve been feeling sick for the whole week , headache, muscle pain, periods going on longer than usual (I’m always very healthy so can clearly see somethings not right) . Is there a link ?

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I literally just made my account tonight, but I’d say see a doctor and rule out anything physical before assuming it’s to do with ritual. If they can’t diagnose anything and it doesn’t go away, stop doing the rituals and see if the symptoms go away too.


Sometimes, when you’re trying to utilize your own energy in order to neutralize a curse or a hex upon your property, you can wind up unintentionally bringing that energy into yourself. Or, as is likely the case, you ran your own energy stores completely out.

Here’s a tip, learn vampirism so that you can draw energy from the ambient air around you and utilize it as you need to.


What kind of vampirism allows you to do that instead of sourcing from other people? Isn’t that just power meditation? Or is it an orientation of the energy body that lets you pick up literally ambient energy like from a city and use it effectively

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everything has energy, you can pull energy from the ambiant air around you, the drywall on your wall, if you happen to be outside, you can pull energy directly from the Earth itself.

Use your left hand, and vision energy flowing into it, whether you visualize it as Tiny Sparks, ghost orbs, or even electricity flowing into you, it makes no matter, as long as you can visualize it happen. Imagine that energy traveling up your arm, and then to your core. From there, you can utilize it however you see fit.

Edit to add.

Using this exact technique, I’ve been able to pull power in whenever I was absolutely and totally devoid of energy. To the point where I felt like I was going to collapse at any moment.

Be warned, I’m not going to go into the morality of vampirism, as I really don’t care for the morality of anything. However, understand that if you are drawing energy in from a section of land, or a house that is devastated by negative energy, that unless you know how to clean that energy up before you absorb it into yourself, you will be absorbing the darkness that is that place into yourself, and that can bring some pretty bad shit with it. We’re talkin unintended possessions, extreme illness, even linking yourself to that place that you tried to draw from. It can royally fuck you up, so use care if you’re going to look into vampirism, there are some really good resources here on this site.


I think I’m just still new enough to occultism that I’m wary of the long term consequences of certain things, but what you mentioned, yeah I pretty much already do that. Can just draw from something further away if I’m in a gross house or something

Learn how to cleanse the energy before you take it into yourself, use the search function, there’s lots of great information here on this site about cleaning up energy before you let it take root inside of your core.


Curious. Was taught the right was the one to draw with and the left was to send it out. Don’t imagine it matters since I can push out with both. Just interesting how many ways/paths/techniques there are.

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I’ve done lot of rituals and have called many demons without protection and felt nothing but high energy, it’s the first time I’m felt the side affects and also with canceling a curse ritual :joy:


The curse I’m trying to cancel is on me not on property, I always though of these things as a superstition but was guided by spirits continuously to do this .


Search the forum for Opfaal sigil. He breaks curses put on people. He is wonderful.


Thanks I’ll do that, I just did one with Forcalor today as well!

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I wasn’t aware that Focalor heals.

yes it says in the book demons of magick no 41, that he can “wither the power of malicious magick directed to you”

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Well I hope you have success.

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Not to sound like a broken record, but if after you’ve tried all the advice everyone has offered (or that you can otherwise find), and you still have symptoms, please call a doctor. You can work on other solutions while waiting on a diagnosis, too.

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thanks, i’ll do that :slight_smile:

This is due to chronic tension. You must stop overloading your brain with tension creating matter such as thinking negatively and doing things you really do not want to do. You must also realize who you are or else the pattern of creating tension will continue just in different forms.

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i have something to ask you if someone has send a curse and its not you it would be effective?

@Silent_Assasin_Gamin Can you clarify what you mean?

If someone has sent a curse- to where? At you? At your target ?

The effectiveness of the curse can depend on so many factors, that I don’t feel I can answer question this as it’s worded- even to theorize.