Protection and Attack

Friends I ask for help to the most experienced. I have been chased by my ex-mother-in-law for 15 years, through her spells I asked for a job, husband and son (she manipulates my son with magic to be financially supported by my ex). Her hatred for me is irrational. I was a Christian. I left everything to fight her with magic. She uses spells on the African line and works with exus and egum.
I gave up Christianity. I started practicing magic about 5 years ago, but I never attacked vehemently. Since then I was very deceived by wizards who just stole from me and did nothing to do the job, it seems that it is part of her agreement with the entities, so that I do not find a way out, I take refuge. I have already been deceived by famous magicians who practice goetia, a priest of the Haitian vodoo, and several on the African line, all thieves. I would like an effective ritual of protection and another of destruction (even death). While there is a little breath of life in me. I want to face and resolve once and for all.

I started to practice Goetia, but I only made contact with orobas. Which demon would be more incisive, direct, even if I had to offer animal blood?
I ask you please help me !!!
I’m from Brazil

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Offer your own blood, not animal blood… That is not necessary and many deities frown upon that. I work with Lucifer and have had good results, but there are many people in this forum who work with Belial and other entities that might be more appropriate for your situation . Some entities are not beginner friendly but there are many helpful threads on this forum for help with finding the right entity to work with.