Protecting Animals from "evil eye"

So,Whats good fellas…Me needs some advice …How would you go about protecting your pets,livestock e.t.c from whatever harm …I ask this because where I live mallochia is real and some sick fucks can make your horses just drop dead or cause an entire dairy ranch milkless …Someone asked how I’d go about protecting a ranch and well, here I am … Open up wizards

I supposed its quite a number of animals, so it would be necessary a environmental solution.

I think it’d be better if you tell what kind of magic you like to practice, so we can get in line with what you have at hands.

I tnk is a book about salomon seals,i cant remember the title,no goetia,by a german guy.its aboht help.animalez,saving them.etc.jt ws release,like,& years has a triangue in red letters,around,$ 69. Bucks.its all farnam.magica.i tnk Swedish.