Protect someone from an unknown enemy?

How do I protect a someone from a magician that identity is unknown? Im guessing a witch jar/bottle, what would you put in that? I do not have any personal stuff from this person that I want to protect either.


I got it. I got a PM. My own urine, pins, needles, rosemary and the name of that person. FYI. :slight_smile:

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You could always call upon a defensive demon or deity such as Vine or Thor. Blessed water and black salt make great wards. My go to protection ritual is from Simon’s Necronomicon and it’s called “The Ritual of the Fire God”.


There are some defensive spells and charms you can use. I know some basic ones from various traditions and one from islamic tradition that works very well. Here is the islamic one “bismillahi arqeeka min kulli shayin yudheeka, min shari kulli nafsim aw’ aynin hasid Allaahu yashfeek bismallahi arqeek” it is a prayer originaly but works as a quite good defensive spell.


Is it on here on the forum?


Oh okey, it is called Simons necromonicom.

Going to use Google.

How do I exactly do that on another person?

And… should I cleanse the person first? Picture and burn sage and blow the smoke on the picture?

Just make a sigil of archangel Michael, active it using gazing which is super simple and wear it as talisman. One of the best protection ever.

But know that if the attack is very strong , the talisman can’t take the beating. For some reason you will lose the talisman.

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Its for someone else, the protection.

Tell him how to do it. Its super simple. Or you make one and send it to him/her.

They should do it

Would asking a protective deity for help be a good idea? Like Thor? Say a very skilled magician attacking someone from reaching out to me, can I ask Thor for help?

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Maybe write a letter to archangel michael for protection.

Or…maybe use shields.

”Hey Archangel Michael, Please protect this person from witchcraft… because” then put the letter in the window for a few days then in a drawer?

Kind of yeah.

I would write a formal letter kind of a leave application and put it inside the envelop. On top of envelope write the name of the spirit it was addresed, deadline date(if any). I would seal the envelop if I knew I would not need to change anything/modify the request in the future. Plus I would use a double page from the long book, so that I could add something to the letter if required. Also, draw the sigil of the spirit on top of the letter. If you want to offer something in return, you could mention that. If applicable add a deadline also. Ask for clear sign that they have received the request and are working on it within 3 days.

I did something similar with archangel Raphael for healing my bro and he had some healing already :wink:

It is basically called a petition spell.

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Thank you so much for this.

Activate the sigil?

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you could.

I dont do it with the above method.

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If you can Envision a psychic barrier around that person, and then have the outside of it be like a mirror that reflects back any magical attacks, on the inside have it like glass so that they can still work throughout their life. It’s worked for me in the past.

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Here are all the sigils.

Do you draw them in color or just black?

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