Prosperity Jar with results

So last night I made my own version of a prosperity jar. I went a little intense with the ingredients and had 31 total of herbs and oils. I set it on my alter and lit a candle with my offerings. I always lite a candle with some nuts and dried fruit but nothing really happens. Last night there was a shadow on the wall and the arm and hand kept tapping my alter as if it was picking up my offerings and eating. I kept asking who was there but I haven’t opened my senses fully. Then my tv kept going on and off. I asked the other people in my house and my tv was the only one. I really wish I knew what it was. Hopefully soon as I used herbs for a clearer psychic ability. Does this mean my request was heard and will grant these things? There was nothing around that could miminic the figures I saw.


i think so id like to kno the spell u used

I will dm you. It’s a lot of ingredients

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Dm me too please!

Me too please.

DM me. I need some racks.