Proposal for Bartering What You Do Best in the Magical Scheme of Things

Thinking that their are so many members of this Forum with different
specializations and some very exceptional abilities would you be
interested in elaborating a little about what you believe at the
present time are your competencies? Along the same line
of thought if we were willing to create a barter system whereas
for example someone who really needs a healing that
requires the summoning of Raphael could exchange this service for
a Rune work or taught a technique they would like to learn. A list could be created so that it would be easy to scan everyone’s expertise quickly.

Any ideas or alternate ways of approaching this would be welcome.

What should we post in this thread, exactly? What our skills are?

I second the above notion.

It would be very interesting and helpful if you start with what you consider
to be your most unique and strongest skills - I would recommend not generalizing because then there may be 40 magicians that can do black magic but within that generalization only 2 really have great success doing curses.

I think we’re all a bit busy becoming gods to bother with a magical bartering system, but that’s just me.

I excel at hunting spirits on the astral and destroying them. I always offer to attack spirits on the astral that are bothering people because I can vampirize those spirits and gain more power for myself.

And besides, I ascend much faster if I beat the shit out of something. Don’t ask me why, but I’m assuming it’s my line.

Well, maybe this thread will serve several purposes because Sevarn I
had no idea you excel at that and now I am really glad I do.

Ok then.

My unique and strongest skills are:

  1. Transvocation
  2. Possession
  3. Moving around key powers of the Universe by the use of mysteries which I won’t reveal.
  4. “Constraining” spirits to do what I want. I put it in quotation marks because the spirit isn’t really constrained, more like reprogrammed.
  5. Making up rituals for anything.
  6. This isn’t something I do very often, but I can do it with success: invoking the Grand Architect of the Universe for pretty much anything, as long as it’s sincere and just. I won’t tell how, so don’t ask.
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Hey Elison, when I read your no. 6 your avatar started glowing for me. What is it?

You’re kiddin’ right?

No. What’s your avatar of? Seriously, I don’t know.

The religion and practice of Thelema, which I highly respect and follow.

Ah, I see. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

Well, there is a Friends with Benefits thing here that’s ongoing, and some people here already offer free readings and other work when they have the time and desire to do so, so I think it exists already, and I think anything too formal (along the lines of Timebanks) could get complicated. JMO.

Friends with Benefits is great, but it is a marathon where each participant
must do magic for the whole group. Here one individual would be exchanging
service with another individual. It is simple.

This would not be a replacement to Friends with Benefits but an accession
to it.

I can educate you to consciously use your mind to reach beyond itself into the the infinite. You will see through the veils of maya and know your own unlimited potential through your super conscious mind. This is not an I do it for you trade type thing. This is an experience you may have, that I can explain the method for. It’s a process or skill you can use once you learn it.

Things to be ready for:

  1. You will cease to exist as the person you thought you were
  2. Everything you firmly believe now as the truth, everything you hold dear to your heart, you will know without a doubt has always been a lie.
  3. You may have to re-construct a new personality (Your old habits will help).
  4. There is a chance you may become lost in endless bliss.

Pre-requisite skills needed:

  1. Ability to observe what is happening in the world around you.
  2. Ability to fully experience your own emotional states without suppression, and stay with them instead of trying to change them (projection is ok…)
  3. Ability to track your own thought processes forward and backward.
  4. Ability to do all the above simultaneously for at least several minutes without losing focus, as your own experience of reality unravels around you.

Having experience with Mindful awareness and ability to remain functional in altered states is recommended.

As an Energy healer I Clear and Heal the following as well as:

Retrieve Missing/Lost Souls/Parts of Soul
Remove Soul Eaters
Remove Implants
Close and Seal Portals
Remove Psychic Vampires
Remove Mental Parasites
Clear Disembodied Spirits
Remove Supressor Parasites
Remove SCM’s
Remove Lower Astral Spirits
Remove Demons (depending on Level)
Remove Entities
Repair Holes in Aura and Energy Fields both Astral & Karmic
Hea/Remove all non-Benedficial Psychic Chords
Repair Divine Blue Print
Neutralize All Soul Contracts
Neutralize Hostile & Sabataging Thougtforms, Oaths, Enchantments within the person
Adjust Assemblage Point
Remove all Negative Energetic Patterns
Remove Spirits and Souls Trapped and Stuck within
Decontaminate and Restore the Integrity of the Multidimensional Soul Self
Remove Extensionsof/from othe human body units
Balance the Physical, Emotional Etheric, Astral and Causal Levels
Clear Negative Imprints in the energy field and Clear Ancestral Negative Imprints
Decontaminate the Central Vertical Channel, close opening
Release Soul Facets that are stuck
Clear all chakras
Banish toxitity
Heal Traumas in particular Lifetimes Interfering with this Lifetime
And more