Prophetic Dream Had Me On Edge Today

Last week I start having a dream and my dog was about to die in this dream. The very thought of it activated my conscious mind and I immediately pulled myself up out of REM sleep and woke myself up. I have trained myself to be able to wake up on command when I’m having a bad dream because I am aware that it’s just a dream. So I wake up and I’m like oh hell no, not again! I’ll tell you why I was so worried in a just minute.

Had a close call today. My miniature schnauzer dog accidentally ate some rat poison. We get mice in our garage every year, trying to find a place to nest when the cold weather is approaching because they can’t get in our house, but my mom noticed today they were shitting all over the garage and chewing up boxes and she everything cleaned up so no one would get sick by accidentally touching their poop and she sat out some Decon traps.

A few minutes later my mom notices one of the decon traps was torn into and all of the poison was gone. She said, I did not see or hear any mice and then I noticed the dog pawing at the 2nd decon trap and he had green pellets in his beard and I knew he swallowed it. My mom called the poison control number on the back of the decon box and they said to force feed the dog some peroxide and make him vomit several times until his vomit was clear and not to feed him anything for at least 5 hours because if any poison was still left inside, eating food could allow it to move thru his digestive system.

I am so grateful that my mom noticed this literally only 5 minutes after he ate that decon and acted fast or else my dog probably would have died today. He’s doing just fine now but I would have lost my sanity for a while if things would have ended badly. My dog is pretty much my baby. Not a crazy dog lady or anything, but he is the only thing in my life that gives me non-stop joy.

The reason I freaked out so badly when I had that dream is because I have had dreams that predicted the future. I lost a dog to a car back in 2009 and it happened on Sept. 17th. I also had a cat die of cancer on Sept. 19th 2003 and another dog had a stroke on Sept. 21st 2004 and had to be put to sleep. For some reason the month of Sept. seems to be a very unlucky month for me when it comes to my pets and I was thinking oh hell no, not again, not losing yet another animal in September. I was so nervous when I had that dream because I realized it was Sept. and nearing the dates when all of my previous animals died.

He is doing just fine now, active and playful like nothing even happened thanks to my mom’s quick thinking. I found myself checking on him this morning like every 5 mins. making sure he was still breathing. This time, I was equipped with magick and familiars close by that could help. The other animals that died, I was younger and it happened so fast I had no time to prevent it, but this time we caught it and I called my familiar to my aid with slight tears running down my cheeks and I said please, you have to keep him safe and watch over him I cannot lose another animal because this dog right here, is the sweetest most loyal dog I have ever owned and if I lose him I would be heartbroken beyond repair.

I knew that something like this would trigger the old emotions I have learned how to suppress so well over the years, to show their ugly head again and I don’t want that. I hate emotions, they ruin everything in life. Used to suffer from chronic depression and this could have easily sent me back to that state of mind. You may think it’s stupid because he’s just a dog but in person, offline, I don’t really much care for humans and tend to favor animals so I form strong bonds with them. Dogs and cats just love me, I have rescued 17 dogs and cats in my life that were dropped off on the street like a piece of trash, some of them I kept for myself but when I didn’t have room for them I found good homes for them.

But still not sure why the month of Sept. seems to be the month when all of my pets pass away. What could be the reason for that? I can go around a dog that was abused and is scared to death of humans yet, it will come right up to me right away. So I seem to be an empath for dogs because I can feel their emotions and connect with them on a deeper level.

I’m sorry to hear that you had such a close call. I’m glad that things worked out in the end. I am a crazy cat lady, so I completely understand how dear our animals are too us. Here’s hoping you’re dog will be around forever.

I feel you. I lost one of my cats last September. She was 11. My son and I both shed a lot of tears for about a week. I held her as she passed, and my son buried her. She’s sleeping peacefully under the apple trees. Late blooming Crocuses are blooming there now. In the early spring, Dwarf Irises will remind us of her, and during the summer the Deadly Nightshade will be in bloom. Nothing wrong with loving your pets. I still miss her, and I know her sister does, as well.

only september? maybe a thing with astrology or your birth chart consider learning it not that i know much about astrology it just came to mind
good blessings :slight_smile:

Animals are part of the family, I totally understand and was devastated each time one of ours has passed on.

I agree there may be something in your birthchart?

I’m going out on a limb here: if you mainly adopt rescue animals, maybe your love towards them lifts their vibratory rate so that they get a better life next time round (maybe not even as animals on this same plane - this happened to one of our cats, went off to some feline dimension where they’re a primary species) and so once you’ve fixed them up a bit, they seize that window to “ascend” - hard though that is on us, and on their mortal incarnations.

I realise how “woo-woo” that sounds but I have no intention of downplaying it nor apologising, because I’ve escorted and/or communed with many of my own animals after they passed on, meeting with their Higher Selves and so on, and they DO have the same spiritual complexity as any human, and also, the same potential range of afterlife destinations.

So maybe that’s the reason?

Maybe leaving their life in autumn means they can rejuvenate and be reborn into a more favourable life in spring - a little research shows that wolves traditionally came into heat in winter and gave birth in sping, along with most other non-domesticated animals, so maybe these dogs have had the love they needed to heal and are going back into that natural cycle?

I tried to find some statitsics on whether there’s a general increase in pets dying in September but the search engine results were too depressing (individual news stories about animal cruelty) so I didn’t persist, I’m not sure I’d be able to find anything useful anyway, as their deaths aren’t as closely monitored as human mortality.

Anyway just some ideas, and yeah I’m a crazy dog lady, crazy cat lady given the chance (not right now near a main road, but in general), and maybe soon to be crazy corn-snake lady as well - and damned proud of it! :smiley:

He’s doing great today, pulled thru just fine. I have always believed that animals are much smarter than what we give them credit for, after all it’s hard to fully understand an animal on this plane that cannot talk and tell you what it’s thinking. But as crazy as it may sound, I have the weirdest feeling that he knows what happened to him and understands it on some level. Like he knows I had one of my familiars stay by his side the entire time because today, he is following me around like a shadow and will not leave my side at all.

Yeah, he usually is a little clingy to me because he hates being alone in any room but he is way more clingy than usual and is also being 10x more lovable today. I swear it seems like he’s showing me gratitude, like he knows my familiar was there keeping him safe. But they do say dogs have a 6th sense so maybe they can communicate with spirits too? I know my dog can see spirits because I’ve evoked them before with my dog in the room and when the spirit appeared my dogs ears stood straight up and he cocked his head to the side like WTF?

He would not have shown the same gratitude towards my mom, even though she did the dirty work with all the vomiting and stuff because my mom is not much of a dog person. She doesn’t hate them she just doesn’t like to pet, play with, or cuddle with a dog so Bubby doesn’t much care for my mom anyway.