I’ve always been jealous of seers. You know, the old women or shamans in movies who get intense visions whenever they so much as ask a question. I’ve had a few visions of my own that have almost always been accurate. But they’ve been spontaneous. Does anyone have experience with inducing these prophetic visions?


I know exactly the feeling… :slight_smile:

Practice maintaining visualization of as much as possible throughout all hours of the day and eventually you will see some shit


While not exactly the same, I have a technique that may lead to improved prophecies. I use it with runes, but the same could be done with tarot or any other method. Close your eye, focus, and mentally allow a rune/card/whatever appear before you. Interpret it as you would if it was physical. As you get more accurate do it with more than a single draw.

Theoretically over time you should be able to transition from these mental tools to more detailed prophecy. I have had no interest in being a seer so I can’t say for sure, though I can tell you the technique itself works well.


Practice scrying. Once you get good at it, start applying the principles of scrying to meditation and rituals. Before you know it you’ll be receiving not only visions, but also random insights into things that were previously unclear to you.

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I’ve seen “magically” several people die and how. Does that count?

Well, here is what I will share, since I like you enough.

One of my aspects, is of magick and prophecy. I am, as you know a witch of the animals. A common animal that rides me is the Raven. There’s a particular trance I enter that’s unique to me called “The Raven Eye”. It’s where i can glance at a person and see their death and create prophecy about any event, as well as “peer into their soul” for lack of a better word. This then leaves my mouth.

That’s one way. Another method I have is Invoking certain forces and going on a vision quest and I relay that message to all.

For those reasons, I’m very infamous for bringing chills and sometimes even fear to people, earning me the title “The Raven Man”.

Anyway, that’s my way of doing it. It’s basically part channeling part possession.


The way i did it was a little old fashion kind of shamanic really.

I would fast all day and night and would stay awake all day and night, i would smoke weed to induce that shamanic state of mind.

Then i’d do walking meditations in the forest, then i’d hike mountains, i’d sit and meditate at lakes, ponds and rivers.

Then i’d meditate all different places absorbing the energy and power from that whole environment then i’d move to the next environment and do the same.

Then when it turns to night i’d smoke a little more weed and drink only a small amount of water.

Then i would extend my perception across the land, then i’d build a small bonfire, i placed three coals lit with resin, to form a triangle around the bonfire, i began calling spirits of seership, divination etc into the smoke of the incense.

Then i’d do circumambulation dancing around the fire in trance, and allow the seer spirits to enter me i’d then forcefully absorb their power, because such a power must be taken it is given to you.

Now this is indeed a intense way, but it was potent and quick, you could reach the same result other ways message me and i’ll help you out if you need brother.

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I can give you what has worked for me (I am a seer). First of all, I meditate at least 2x a day, before I start my day and before I go to bed. Visualization will help as well. Some individuals have a hard time with focusing due to the everyday hustle, and nose to the grindstone. So my grandmother had me focus in a black mirror. The easiest way to make a black mirror is getting a bowl of spring water. Make sure the bowl is high enough and big enough so you will not strain your eyes. I have found an 8 in bowl wide and 4 inches deep works for me. Fill the bowl with water to the 3/4 mark from the rim. Add 7 drops of black ink to the water while chanting: Mirror, mirror, scry for me. Mirror, Mirror, let me see. As I will it so mote it be. The ink should spread in the water by itself. If not, take your index finger to mix it.

Others have told me that they have used spring water that has been set under a full moon.

When looking into the black mirror, make sure it is not in direct light, because it can make seeing harder. I usually will have a lamp behind me on my left so a little light will illuminate but not obscure the images that will be in the mirror.

Hope that this helps you.