Prophecy #2 The Great battle of Homemalee

For I seen the rivers of death, spring life to the slayer. For the merciful God in that once stood by the graceful army had die. For is the welder of his destiny, knows already the outcome of his Will. In the new age of comeing, the independence of self Godhood is the matter of what the God’s plan, the great freedom of thy will. The fear of loss identity is sin and abomination to you and all the Gods. Don’t let the life span of your immortality fear you for even Stars die, and blacked at day of judgement. For trusting yourself is and will be a commandment that the Gods will follow, for every God has a personality, a will, a soul, and abilities beyond others. The bible that you write is your personal testimony of the raw power that you, yourself had produced. Hear the warning my young Gods for I seen many fall, and many raise, for you, yourself will always be your worst enemy, for the spirits don’t always speak like men, but a language unknown to mankind.

I like this, thanks for sharing!