Properties of opal

So I found myself really attracted to an opal crystal att homies house yesterday, he realized how much I was staring at his big opal piece. He ended up giving me a cute small piece of opal . I was wondering what properties or what influences opal has ?


I know there are properties that certain stones are said to contain, but opal is significant to me, yet I cannot say why. Maybe it is the color, maybe some intrinsic quality of the stone, and honestly I could care less. Opal, black agate, and especially true jet and obsidian hold the promise of exploration. Not enlightenment or answers, but the act of exploration of everything.

They are all teases which promise questions but offer no assurance of answers.

You were gifted a piece; that one is special.


Yes I am super attracted to rainbow obsidian. I’m going wire wrap this necklace and turn it into a necklace. Thank you for your comment :call_me_hand:t4:


You should rub your opal on your flesh- to oil it. I learned this after my first opal shattered into Dust. This has happened to me with other stones.


How does it look like?
There are many different kinds of opals.



Ah, that looks like Opalite
It’s man made but, I personally use it for invocation because it does not really have a frequency of its own so it is easier to pick up when it’s being ‘touched’ by an external being


I’ve always heard opal has such a complex energy that it can be attuned to very nearly any purpose. I always keep one handy.

That’s probably the most eloquent I’ve heard it put. They’re endlessly fascinating, but resist our attempts at knowing them deeper. Your insight is helpful.


Having an opal helps you improve on your abilities. It helps you to push yourself and improve yourself. That doesn’t mean, bam I’ll become even more powerful in one day. This means that you slowly start to improve for the better and opal will give you that push. Also don’t forget, stones and crystals have their own personalities so treat them with great care and respect!


Opal properties

Color: white, colorless, pale yellow, pale red, pink, blue, gray or black when impurities are common.

Mining locations: Canada, Mexico, Australia, USA, UK and other world wide locations.

Mineral class: Mineraloids.

Crystal system: Amorphous.

Chemical composition: SiO2 - nH20 Hydrated Silicon Dioxide.

Hardness: 5.5-6.