Proper Way of Gazing Black Mirrors Help

I was able to receive answers spontaneously from the spirit that I was attempting to call or reach from a scrying mirror during my first try. Although I was not able to make out its figure completely, except that I was able to get some glimpses of the spirit’s countenance bit by bit, he did answered my questions. The reason that I was able to do this was because the whole experience felt easy and liberating for me.

However, when I reviewed section 5 on the Mastering Divination Course once more, E.A. mentioned that when my eyes crossed as I gaze at the mirror that I had to refocus them. I have difficulty simply relaxing whenever I do that because I feel like I’m playing tug of war with my eyes. Basically, when my body starts to relax, my eyes would immediately cross, and that occurrence seemed very comfortable to me.

Therefore, the main question would be should I allow my eyes to cross at all as I gaze at the mirror? Should I allow my eyes to stay crossed throughout the whole scrying session? Or should I find a way to hinder them from crossing while being in a relaxed state, and if that approach is possible, what would be an effective way of doing that?

Moreover, I’m a beginner with scrying, and I find it a must to build a solid foundation upon this.

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If the answers were accurate, keep doing what you’re doing and forget about other advice, at least for long enough that you can then try something as a different technique with less stress.

Well, my first scrying session was really exhausting though. Would it be advisable to dive in the second time in within a day? I was trying to scry again, but I stopped because I was somewhat exhausted from the first one.

Trust your intuition - a little exhaistion is normal after magickal work, you build up a tolerance but it can still hit you like a firetruck at more intense levels of work, so if you feel like you want to keep going, go with that, because it’s not necessarily a sign you’re doing anything wrong (IMo quite the contrary, in fact).

If you feel like a rest is better, take a day or so, don’t push yourself to the extent your body associates it with exhaustion. I’ve made that mistake before, one time I was doing a LOT of healing, free of charge, and got to the point where I felt physical dismay at picking up my drum (shamanic healers use a drum to enter trance).

You need to find the right balance of effort without burn-out. :slight_smile:

I find coconut oil (cold pressed and unrefined) helps me recover from magickal work, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest it functions as “brain food” (even in neurological patients) and if you have some and no reason not to, it might be worth trying that.


Most people I’ve spoken to say that you should practice every day, but if I do this, I get drained of energy and my workings get weaker and weaker until I don’t get any results at all. For me, I have to take 1-3 days breaks, doing yoga and Sunyata-meditations to recharge my energy, and preferably also be out in nature alot or hit the gym. This is what I personally would suggest, spend alot of time doing things that truly recharge your energy levels, whatever that may be for you. Things are individual, and I think many of us sometimes gets equally much drawbacks as advantages listening a little too much on others, than just feeling what is right for ourselves individually. This is sometimes a hard balance to achieve, because this can be hard, being a confused newbie. I still have some trust issues myself, but are slowly getting over it. Keep pushing, and always remember that nobody knows you better than your Higher Self, and that, in the end, should be your ultimate teacher. Good luck my friend.

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