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I have a question I am hoping someone here can answer. Is there a proper time for contact or putting forth requests from any spirit or being? My husband refuses to allow me to anything spiritual while he is at home. He was raised Protestant and believe me, he takes this upbringing to the full extent of his being! So everything I do, or have done in the past, must be done during early morning and afternoon hours, while he is at work. I have to put away anything ritualist or he throws it out or burns it! My question is in regards to Bune and a Belgaphor (?) as I was going to ask assistance from them in regards to training help and spiritual help. It is my understanding that the only time one can contact any of these beings is during 12 to 3 am hours? Would it be proper for me to contact them during morning hours such as around 7a.m when my husband leaves and would they take into consideration my situation? This will only be temporary as my husband and I are planning divorce but lack of money is preventing our going separate ways at the moment. He should be gone by June.

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No, you can call spirits at any time of day.

It only matters if you are working within a system that requires certain timing, such as that in some of the traditional grimoires or planetary magick.


I always call them during daytime and in broad daylight even if it says dim the lights and they always come , if I do it at night then I get strange dreams and freak myself out :blush:


A good way to look at it is like Jason Miller describes in his book, The Elements of Spellcrafting: everything matters, but not everything is necessary.

What this means is that every part of a ritual is important, but the system you are using determines what is actually necessary. For example, candle color matters, but the specific color is only necessary within the context of the system used. In Western magick, black is used to represent Death, but in Eastern cultures, the color of Death is white, so if you wanted to perform an Eastern necromancy ritual, white candles would be necessary. You would short circuit the ritual if you substituted black.

Breaking the division of spirits down into Day and Night matters, but is only necessary within the specific system that uses those correspondences.


Maybe you can find a spirit that can help mask your workings. Like throw a veil over the stuff you do like Potter’s cloak. Maybe designate an area that they can protect and shield so its mentally off limits to him like it doesn’t exist in his mind.

Is this really possible? And which spirit would be able to do this, as I have not found one that can mask or hide physical things. I must add that my husband has a spirit guide (an old girlfriend that died in a car crash many years ago) and she tells him what I am doing through his dreams. This bitch tells him every time I cast a spell or do something to bind him from doing something against me! Is there a way to keep this guide of his from telling him everything I do? I would appreciate any help here. And which spirit would be recommended for cloaking an area or a working?

I have always wondered about this sort of thing. Most of the websites I have been on regarding Luciferism(?) and Satanism, say that using the rituals contained in most of the old grimoires such as Ars Notoria (The Notory Art of Solomon), The Keys of Soloman, etc… and many other grimoires would be considered blasphemous to the Goetic Demons because things such as using circles and triangles for control of the spirit is going against the trust needed to be built up between the spirit and practitioner. How is a beginner such as myself supposed to know what to do when just about everything I have read on the subject goes against doing the rituals contained in most of the old grimoires? I understand the use of timing and using planetary timing and such when doing certain things, especially when the spirit expects to be called during a certain hour. but are certain hours and planetary rulings and such really necessary for every ritual you do with the spirit, or would this be an understanding to be worked out between you and the spirit? I am certainly beginning to doubt myself as to whether or not I have chosen the right path as all this is really confusing to me. LOL. Maybe I should just be satisfied with my boring potions and spell work. I feel such a pull towards the left hand path, it isn’t funny, but I am beginning to wonder if I will ever find a starting point.

Both Luciferism, and Satanism, are religions, so of course they are going to think that circles and triangles are “blasphemous” (which is a religious term, by the way, and only applies to something that goes against the rules of a religion. If you are not a believer, you cannot blaspheme). They simply swing in the opposite direction from Christianity, but keep the same mindset, substituting Lucifer or Satan for God.

My advice would be to pick up a copy of either EA’s Works of Darkness, or Evoking Eternity. In both of those works, he explains that circles are simply the area that the magician sets aside as separate from the mundane world in order to become God, and the triangle is simply the place set aside for the spirit, like setting out a chair for a guest, nothing more They do not offend nor anger the demons, contrary to what the religious demonalators claim. Even if you are actively trying to bind them, I highly doubt it would upset them (though they might play the part for you if that is your expectation).

As I previously stated, the specific hours only apply to the particular system you are working in. Planetary hours and days matter, but they are not absolutely necessary. They are simply moments of time when the astrological forces of a particular planet are believed to be more prominent, thus making it easier to contact the spirits of that sphere. You will have a stronger contact with a spirit of Jupiter on a Thursday rather than a Tuesday, for example, but that does NOT mean you can’t call a Jupiter spirit on a Tuesday, only that it might be more difficult.

In my opinion, you are overthinking it. It’s really very simple. You can call demons, angels and whatnot whenever you want to. However, there are certain times when making contact is easier than others, like the planetary days and hours, and certain systems, such as the Ars Theurgia, that require adherence to a particular timing of rituals.

To answer your question as to where to start? Pick a working system of evocation and start learning it. Don’t keep reading about all the different ways evocation can be done, because that is what is causing your confusion. Just choose one system that appeals to you, learn its rules, and start.


I recommend the Goetic Spirit Zagan. He can mask and hide any secret, even when people look directly at it.

Zagan’s sigil:

Zagan’s Enn: Anay on ca secore Zagan tasa

You might also consider King Paimon, as He can change and manipulate the minds of people quite efficiently. Just please refer to Him as “King Paimon” not just “Paimon”. Best of luck, and I’m sorry for your struggles. I deal with something similar.

King Paimon’s sigil:

And His enn: Linan tasa jedan Paimon. (It’s okay that “King” isn’t in this enn).