Proper possessive invocation vs evocation

As far as offerings go …

Doesn’t it make more sense for a King to possess us, and actually smoke, eat And drink the offerings? Seems possession/invocation would be key.


Good question- I asked King Vine what he would like from me and he said some of the Dinner you just made. Sloppy Joes and fries- I am going to say he loved it cause that plate had been sucked of nutrients. I asked him if he wanted me to feed the Ravens the next morning. He said yes. The Ravens were present this morning… they were absent the previous 2 days.


If you can preform a full possession it may be viable if not regular methods work.

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Very cool … So Vine loves sloppy joes and fries, Belial and co. Love chocolate. And alcohol. They must’ve had a blast at the BALG bar.

I think it relates to the person. Like a father or Uncle deals with each child slightly different. Not intentionally but they know their flaws and personality and are so adaptable.

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and Purson loved the Chai and nuts which I served on orange tulip petals.

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