Proper energy control to maximise results

Hi all,
I thought It might be good idea to put down a little on energy control and more specifically, how your spells energy should be utilised to maximise results.
We can break a spell or ritual down into three fundimental stages: Obtaining energy, transforming that energy into a spell and then casting the spell. Its that finall step that Ill be focusing on here.
As we all know, a spell must be cast for it to have an effect. But the question is, how should you go about casting it? The obvious answer, which Id guess some newbies would give, is just push it towards your target. However, although your spell will reach them, it may not have an effect. The correct answer is that it depends on the spell.
Whether you push energy or use it as a medium to pull people or a goal towards you depends on the spell. Basic curses, such as illness, should be pushed. While a spell to manipulate someone’s mind should be a pull.
I’ll just clarify at this point, by pull I don’t mean pull the energy into yourself. Use the energy and a medium to draw something towards you. Much like a fish hook and line.
To decide whether to push or pull, you should think about the mechanics behind how you want your spell to manifest. If your trying to control a mind, then you’ll need to have it within arms reach. It’s no good in someone else’s house. So you should pull their consciousness towards you. A disease is cast with unhealthy energy. You don’t want bad energy, so push it away. A love spell is a pull, you draw them towards yourself. To get rid of someone, you should push. ( candle love spells are also a pull, you channel through the flame then pull).
I know this is a fairly basic concept, but I think it could help out a few newbies who are struggling.

Hey! OMG, a spirit came to me to bring this to my attention, so I started asking “where can I find this information?” and I feel like i came to the right place!! So, ok, I have somewhat trained myself out of experiencing emotion. To become the Buddha. I have done pretty well, and I do still experience emotion at times, but it takes a lot to get me ruffled up and I pretty much try to minimize my emotional body response in order to remain detached from outcome. I don’t try to push down positive emotion, but I feel that my ability to push down negative emotion has bled into all emotions. Now, here’s the thing… Since I began learning evocation, the spirits have brought to my attention the importance of WILL. Hecate calls it “Fury”. So, I am trying to figure out how to conjure will. Then, they bring to my attention that emotion is a source of power, a driving force in evocation and conjuring. Well, I have none of that and I don’t know how to conjure that to use at will. Help? lol I just feel like my evocations are not bringing much results and I would like to be more effective. I feel I am not harnessing my power.

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Will isn’t so much an emotion, more of a desire. When we use terms such as " willing something to manifest" we are actually referring to the idea of channelling energy with a specific intent or purpose.
As far as the emotion thing goes, it’s certainly not essential and can cloud judgement. As someone who tends to feel less emotion, I draw upon lust and desire instead.
I’d advise against completely numbing emotion: you’ll end up boring. Work towards that cold, psychopathic lust. It’s an incredible driving force and really liberates you.

I see lust and desire as requiring emotion or feeling.