Proper behavior towards new spirits

I’ve been wondering how one should treat a demon that they have just met. From my understanding you have to be demanding yet respectful. What do you guys think?


IMO, treat it like i f you rang a powerful businessman you respect for his wisdom, to ask if he can go into partnership with you on a project where you know he might benefit as well: don’t grovel, or put yourself down, but don’t try to play powergames either, or be cheeky or aggressive.

Be professional - there’s enough weirdness inherent to magick (and spirits are summoned by enough hysterical and unstable people) that a businesslike manner will be appreciated by most spirits when you first approach them.

Some spirits will earn your love and respect, and even reverence, others will remain on a more professional basis. Maintaining this manner has helped me, and I think they appreciate people who make that effort to put on a solid and professional demeanour, no matter what passions or weirdness lie underneath it all. :slight_smile:

Oh and don’t take anything personally, ever, that’s good advice in life and doubly so on magick, when you’re dealing with completely incomprehensible ancient consciousnesses. :sunglasses:


You determine the relationship you want to hold with the demon. This will depend on your motivations. Are they spiritual motivations? magickal? materialistic? I just posted something in another thread on Lola’s threads regarding the 3 Paths of Spiritual Interaction… so I think you should question your own motives… are your interests shallow or deep? How is your approach? what type of person are you?


Okay so treat how you would another person? Equally and with respect