Hello everyone. I have a problem…no not that problem, this one: how the {explietive} are some of the words in demonolatry pronounced? Take for example (and this is a fairly easy one) Verrine. I easily see three pronunciations here.
Verrine= ver-rin
Verrine= ver-ryn
Verrine= ver-rin-e
The last, being if every letter was pronounced, could also be ver-rye-en-e…that just occurred to me.
Since the demonolatry words are not from any known earthly language, and my family roots are not in demonolatry so had no one to teach me, what’s a good source for someone to use?

You mean demonic enns?

English is my primary language so I would pronounce verrine as veh-REEN.

But yeah really it could be more like veh-REE-neh or something.

In most cases, as far as I know, just use your best guess. Having a sigil/seal and intent is more significant than your pronunciation IMO.

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Yes, but not only the demonic Enns, but the names of the demonic divine as well. English is my native tongue as well. On the East Coast of the States, most of us (the ppl I’ve asked how they would pronounce it) would use my first example ver rin. Ver reen I hadn’t even thought of. Sigh, it’s like trying to nail jello to a wall.
In most cases, I would be aligned with your comment, it’s more about intent, but with what I’m currently working on, it feels like I need to get the words right, know what I mean? And the demonic divine are keeping a sealed lip about it. To me anyway.

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Yep, I feel that. Although, I am Australian and we don’t pronounce Rs the same way US folk do. As in we don’t pronounce them at all if we can help it, especially for words ending in R (like for “car”, US English = carr. Aus English = caah) :sweat_smile:

If there are other people who gave you the word/name/enn, maybe check in with them to see how they pronounce it, or see if you can find a recorded enn on youtube or similar. Otherwise, honestly, just use your best guess. :slight_smile:

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That’s how I would pronounce it with nothing to go off of.

Tbh though, I tend to pronounce anything not recognizably an English word as if it were Spanish. Lol

So that last >E at the end kinda fucks with my head if I leave it silent. :no_mouth:

Otherwise, I go with:

Cuz that’s how it’s pronounced in the videos on the tube

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