Pronouncing Ancient Egyptian

Just found this page - horribly formatted, but it gets good just over one-third of the way down with the author’s commentary on how individual hieroglyphs were pronounced: - there are even .wav recordings of the trickier ones.

They did love their formulaic art and I wonder whether the ancient formality of heiroglyphs was to preserve specific sounds, against the changes of time and the chain shift that was especially prominent in cities where foreign traders and settlers brought new methods of speech.

Anyway that site is interesting, and even gets into classical Greek at the foot of the page.

So interesting fact about me. About 10 years ago or so I graduated with a Masters degree from a well known, Christian seminary. In it we studied some dead languages (Classical Hebrew and Greek). In the case of Hebrew, many of the original pronunciations are unknown due to falling out of use. It sounds like the Egyptians foresaw this problem and found a solution.

Well, it sounds like a lot of the hieroglyphs were used for spiritual enlightenment. Bear with me for a moment:

Using the writing on the phrase, “m39t,” sounds likes the author’s attempt to just say Ma’at. Which is the Egyptian deity that weights the souls of people in the afterlife. Apparently, it spells out “feather.” Since there were Greco-Egyptian mystery schools around the time period of about 700 BC-300 AD (let’s say that), it would be surprising that that phrase was in reference to what the Greeks or now alchemists call The Phoenix- as that’s analogous to someone reaching the point of spiritual perfection which would include paying of karmic debts and transmuting base metals (the lower animal) to gold (the Divine head, the Adam ha-Kodesh). Oddly enough, you could pull that information together with references of spiritual perfection, of becoming a true Sun King- a Pharaoh, a Pymander: one of those creations by Thoth with the blessing of God.

Of course, you could probably use it for money, cars, clothes and bitches as well. Plus immortality. Immortality first, then the bitches.

Does that offend anyone here?

Im offended Kenneth. That is so “Un-Vegetarian.” Just kidding. Gold doesnt have to do with exclusive higher realities; its just about perfecting and refining into your own Masterpeice.

[quote=“Kenneth, post:3, topic:7225”]Of course, you could probably use it for money, cars, clothes and bitches as well. Plus immortality. Immortality first, then the bitches.

Does that offend anyone here?[/quote]

You kiss your mother with that mouth?!

Serious mode back on, Ma’at pre-dates 700BCE:

The earliest surviving records indicating that Maat is the norm for nature and society, in this world and the next, were recorded during the Old Kingdom, the earliest substantial surviving examples being found in the Pyramid Texts of Unas (ca. 2375 BCE and 2345 BCE).


Edit to add, the gods themslevs seem to answer to all variations & pronunciations of their names when the intent to make contact, and some awareness of them and their imagery is present - for anyone new to this, Wikipedia actually has decent drawings for most as a starting point, and due to the academic interest (as well as magickal) there should be an abundance of stuff online to begin preparatory immersion.

Just thought I’d add this in so no-one gets put off by the complexity of working out what “m39t” means, or anything! :slight_smile:

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