Promotion in magic (as it seems to me)

There is no work on the Internet, money is delayed at work (my father). Not long ago I drank alcohol, disappeared for a day from work. My mother moved out of my apartment (we had a fight) before it was hard to stay at home, as she moved out became easier. Before that, I made calls to Sigil Clauneck, Bune, Mammon, Lucifer. In your room without success.
As he ended up at home, he got out of a hangover. And he began to be baptized on an Orthodox icon (I am a Christian) but with two fingers. And meditate every day on Satania YouTube (Ajna) pulsates strongly in Chakre Ajna after 3 days of alcohol and after two more days of meditation. It’s strange for me, as if alcohol saved me from negativity. For the last two days I sleep for 1-2 hours in the evening and get enough sleep. And today I was just meditated on Ajna again, but already with a candle in a lotus pose. The church candle is green. 10-15 minutes of meditation, began to chant
Enn Clauneck,Bune,Mammon,Lucifer for 5-7 minutes each and with a request for them.(no sigil)What I want to get, the requests all coincide, is to start earning from $10,000 per month on the Internet. And the candle with the first demon and the next ones began to “defile” shorter, like splashes in a frying pan. There was also a Christian frankincense before all, in front of the Orthodox icon. I made a request for them today. And he asked “who’s here and do you want me evil” on the candle the answer was “no, we don’t want” who are you? “How did I understand Mammon” Is my highest self in my room? Guardian Angel, “that’s when the candle went crazy” please help explain it, and scan me on TARO please. Well, yesterday morning, 10 minutes later I decided to check what kind of knocking was in the kitchen, and it was a white pigeon on the windowsill, looked at me and flew away) amazing

I’m not 100 percent sure about everything you said but it sounds like you performed a really intense ritual and have received multiple positive signs that your will has been sent out for manifestation into the Universe.

Nice work and good luck for a successful outcome! :+1: :smiley:


I say the truth) thank you, let it be so!

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