Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson

Has anybody read this book or researched the “8 Circuit Model” of human consciousness?

In the book he maintains a Scientific, rational/ empirical POV, while integrating as many different spiritual/ Mystical thinkers and ideas. He references Crowley to Yogi Masters to Timothy Leary.

The reason I bring up this book is because he speaks about a natural evolutionary point in the future where at 51% of the population is AWARE of their Neurosomatic Circuit, or as I interpret it: some sort of holistic/ nonphysical/ interplay between the mind/Self and it’s environment.

Kinda like the super basic primer to any sort of spiritual inquiry.

So… How do we trigger this kind of experience in greater numbers of people with the potential to explore and engage with what is being called Magick?

Are they already on route to awakening ? Or can it be expedited?

I say this because no less then 3 years ago (despite being an imaginative creative person) I would have scoffed at even the idea of a Law of Attraction based reality.

And now I believe in (and engage with) spirits, Demons, and a fourth dimensional reality.