Projecting into the Future

So I’ve been playing with the notion of time travel. According to Einstein’s E=mc^2, one would need more energy that is available in the entire universe to time travel. So in order to time travel one would need to be massless. What’s mass-less? One’s consciousness. So the ability to project ones consciousness into the future(or past) to see is what I’ve been pondering. So I’m asking; Has anyone done the same? Can my theory work? I’d like to hear your experiences as well as any recommendations. Thank you. ~Blessings To All~

Scrying. Scrying is the word you are looking for.

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That is what you naturally do in Soul Travel, at least initially. In his book Questing After Visions, EA talks about one of his students, when he was first learning to Soul Travel, kept describing things that weren’t accurate (he was projecting to EA’s home) like the items on the kitchen table, etc. It turned out though, that the student was projecting into the future because EA noticed later that the student had exactly described a scene that happened hours after his travel.


First time I’m hearing this. I’ll check it out. Thanks. :pray:t3:

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This is very interesting.So it is possible.:pray:t3:

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It is possible, yes.

There are many theories in regards to time, but the most popular quantum theory is that time doesn’t really exist but is simply a creation of our consciousness, and the past, present, and future are all happening simultaneously, in a never ending circle, so, hypothetically, you could travel to any place within that circle. I have heard of one hypothesis that you cannot travel outside of your own timeline though, meaning you can only move into your own past and future, but not someone else’s.


Only if you’re trying to time travel by going faster than the speed of light. There’s quite a few other possibilities, like Tipler cylinders, the Gödel metric, or even the classic ring singularity/wormhole.


Controlling one’s mind is the key then…

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I seem to have more reading to do. Many thanks for your comment.

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Controlling the mind is the key to everything.