Progress with MST

I didn’t see anyone make a topic about how they are progressing with the Mastering Soul Travel, so I figured I’d start one.

Use this not just to share experiences but offer advice and other ways you have “made the program your own”

currently, I’m watching section 7. I’ve watched it a few times over I’m going through sections 4 5 6 and 7 to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

in Section 5 where you make you first Projection attempt, I’m not having any issue with that since I use astral Dynamics from Robert Bruce. The part were I tear myself away. and I’m not feeling the 'Getting sucked back in" being too close to my physical body.

the thing I am noticing is… the two/three times that I did astral project. I knew what was happening, I felt my astral body splitting from my physical body and my astral body had total consciousness.

this is why I’m double checking things, I mean so far I have no complaints about the program, the methods EA teaches and that I learned are very similar is not the same.

but I’m not gona move too fast, I’m gona make sure I am doing everything throughly

Lucky YOU!!! I’m doing all the exercises. But pretty sure I haven’t projected yet. I’ve not felt the tearing away. But, I can feel the energy body movement pretty well.

Do you see the static rain? I have, but then I’m not exiting. And, I can really feel it with my eyes closed. I’ve read Robert Bruce, but still not exiting. Any advice…other than keep at it, which I am BTW! I try for an hour a day.

[quote=“colleen, post:2, topic:4025”]Lucky YOU!!! I’m doing all the exercises. But pretty sure I haven’t projected yet. I’ve not felt the tearing away. But, I can feel the energy body movement pretty well.

Do you see the static rain? I have, but then I’m not exiting. And, I can really feel it with my eyes closed. I’ve read Robert Bruce, but still not exiting. Any advice…other than keep at it, which I am BTW! I try for an hour a day.[/quote]

yup I have seen the static rain.

be patient and work on the chakras. I like Robert Bruces method the best. also make sure your relaxed and in a decent trance state.

Hello, I hadn’t posted in a while (since the first of the yr, thus brought to mind the “9mnth cycle” weird-thought-tangent)…

anyway, I hesitate commenting, as I haven't not viewed the MasteringSoulTravel course myself, but there is a technique I came up with long-ago, and I've come to see more layered in it 

(as I have found in some of the “things-that-occured-to-me” way back, ie I thought I ‘came up with them’… and yet much learned later, in other subject/exper/teaching, layer in- but that’s just my thinking.)

I’ll describe the movement practice first, and then some concepts related to it after: but first the relation of 2 aspects of “stability” <of posture/stance specifically) related to alertness-presence/awareness

[ a) to the degree that one is unstable/wobbles awareness disengages, even slightly from outer awareness (including “outer” of feeling inside the body~) as it sort of AllHands on figuring why sensation of Falling; b) to the degree that awareness is distinctly-concretely ‘in the feet’ which sort of flows into-upon the ground- linked by legs, then one is “settled”… to have either the awareness-energy in feet lose linkage/broken/interrupted or just have it rise up and Cram-crowd into the uppertorso and head… is the panic reaction, also the Argghh chaotic-inner rage, that is disassoc from ‘real-time’]
just in those 2 (a & b above) relate part in below, not that theory is needed, but might seem it isn’t just whatever

so in short:
^^^ for ex- “take a knee” ie squat/sitting upon your Left ankle, with right sole flat on ground, R-knee up (L-knee down- so 3 pt base: with Rsole, and L~toes)

From that pose- rise up on the R-sole, swinging L-foot fwd in step (ref above, keep stable during this rising and reach-stepping), with L-foot down and solid, onto (position changed= jump), then…

Step R fwd step, but as it touches and you onto R foot- pivot/spin/rotate upon that ball of foot, continuing to L foot stepping/reaching backwards lowering-slightly in a lunge (thus L-ball of foot/toes touching)… and lower down to the starting position [thus same pose, but facing opposite direction of room, on the other side of the room- as if was on a carousel/merry-go-round (record-player/ lazy-susan :slight_smile: - just doing this with any stability requires likely ‘practice’ doing move slower-faster, changing where balance/how linked… try create a circle flow of part of it, say that then link that to stopping-spin, reversing the spin and timing it to step back, and smooth-cycle to bouncing that back-step to fwd-step into spin, etc…]

If this seems unrelated or nonsense, many may have stopped reading, perhaps some might- but principle: Presence is in a location, and in a Form- Recognize where/how one is, before one can contrast.

Thus the idea of a few “formats” of exper (listed next) and that ‘jumping’ isn’t any of those (my opinion, but many seem to combine/blur formats.)

  • say if really zoning-out, super relaxing, even trigger sleep-paralysis… and creates distinct aspects of “projecting” but is that projecting, or a result of that physical-state?
    If experience which parts are “needed” if change, how affects?

-most of all: Imagination, memory, dream- all being ‘formats’ we are familiar with, but (again my opinion) are not related to what I understand EA calls Soul Travel (any more than the “reality of a vacation on the beach” is memory (past), or imagination (future based upon past expers) - although unless actually on that vacation at that beach- one may USE memory or Imagination- but if blur which is which… could become a mess.

So above stepping (I’d do for a while, very precise movements, without variation- the mind can focus, also boredom once past the newness… like ‘wiring-it-in’ thus sit on L/R up (then different session- sit on R/L up) both good, but if switch between, thoughts just stay surface… goal being to seeing more… experience more (not in “words described to yourself” pure movement- as in doing a complex movement, ‘brain’ <?> goes quiet-verbally and just does it (as it doesn’t have the excess capacity- needs to be “all-hands on-deck” doing a tumbling-run, or say a free-handstand, or one-hand balance… but this example being less intense: still as aware, to SEE.

Mind wants to jump, Summarize, in outline form- "ah ok, was starting-pos (which is blurry indistinct), then stand up-step (in mind-experience as sort of one thing, vs the movement through space and all the <shifts>), and then...  sort of leaping-ahead...

thus this translates even more when not plugged-in to Circuits in Bio-ware that are assisting the process, so that one can sort of fudge it (like how if driving a car, the wheel stays steady, and road is straight- one CAN zone out and just keep going, even if unaware (not safe, but it works), vs riding a bike, or walking, less likely to stay upright. - if in the Mental-focus, being like a Radio-Receiver (either SoulTravel or Communication with an Entity instead of/prior-to Evoking), and the feeling of contact is the Mind “on the right channel” <but a radio, CB or FM/sat doesn’t move unless the dial is changed>… but if your mind “wanders” that is like a hand making the controls of the Frequency change… and you “lose the connection” (either In the scene, or jumping to a different scene, or crumbling the entire state and losing all concentration or dozing or distacted/wuh? etc.)

… thus you can “project” and not feel-there (or peer-through a window-portal, or be-there and yet not SEE, and things jumble and blur-combine… left and up, looking at X, it becomes Y… much of that can be not so much- the way it is “there” but the way it is experienced Here (ie that outline-summary tendency, not really experiencing, and trying to use shortcuts: 2 issues- shortcuts being recognizing part of something and “know it” <I know all about a chair, so I see part of chair- “Ah I know that, stop looking and fill in the blanks” … as well as R. Bruce’s aspects…

Thus the above, being more clear what is happening, and aspects of that particular movement that do a bunch of things: Feel it more (if you’ve ever been awake-Far too long… how the mind sort of quiets, and you just sort-of stupidly do things… a weird sound may be heard and flow around the room, and you kinda get it is the phone-ringing…

usually easy association/interp, but mind slows =tired, so sort stumbles along… if use that saturation aspect (and yet without the loss of focus, say lucid and sharp- assimilate into the changes in position)… <note how you shift to a pt looking at where you were (which is also where you will go- before and next are both- so not alternating between 2 places- through 3 (past/memory-now-future/planned) -so relation to seeing you sit in a chair (laying on a bed), standing in the other corner of the room, flowing back and forth, based upon stability-of place.

First done the movement (boring… bore it in, as in drill)… (triggers the mind- ah got it, and go beyond that, gives a bit of ‘fitness’ and coordination- as is a one-legged SQ (assisted with the other leg, but use it less, and the step-shift weight under the ground)… and the spin on the axis… note all the missing-frames (as if watching a video and it lags- blurs, speeds up… what happened there? go back and re-watdh (do-over) that part…

Second ‘rewind in the mind’ - stay seated in the kneeling pose and I) remember the sensation of rising-step… feel that ‘memory’ AS you kneel- two different senses of position? … as well as Centre… once remember being in the other Point… feel that centre there (was) vs where centre is (now))… then, before break-concentration, from that other-position mental-exper rising-step, spin and lower into merger… feel the blend into (two become one)… easy to lose clarity as well as connection, at any part of that, rather than just skip, run-fwd and back like digging a groove…

Thirdly, “halluc-overlay” (only really makes sense once do the above, then as you actually do, rather than experience (memory, and/or imagination or any other ‘format’ flavour based upon the phy-sensation) separate… “project” that same sense (ala above ‘rewind in the mind’) Simultaneously with the actual movement… to slight degree that one ‘can do’ this third, then the first and second mean something different- etc.

(translating the above words-text into movement in space is part of the process- watch for minds confusion/frustration/shortcut-attempts of how… just in case this could help, SoulTravel exper…) even with my attempted abbrevs and condensing-format, it still become a bit long… so hope it helps some- cheers

 perhaps (just a poss) rather than the separation-focus...   have a sense being elsewhere (in another room of your house- kitchen/bathroom... later yard-outside)... and as that location Locks... then BodyMind adjusts and once there <shift>...can become 'as' starting to change modes... then "separation" can be felt, if that part of the transition is focused-upon, rather than just sort of leap -there-else.