Progress in Evocation!

Just wanted to say that I believe I have made significant progress in my attempts at evocation. In a sense, each and every attempt is a “success” in that Azazel is certainly present even as soon as you call his name. This was made clear to me with a vast number of synchronicities, and even someone close to me–who has no idea I am involved in the occult–stating, in a disturbed tone, that she had felt a presence standing next to her, which she thought was me, though I was a good 10-15 feet away from her. I knew then that it was Azazel, and I had even just saw a quote from E.A over the necessity of “dismissing”, even if you feel the evocation was a failure, otherwise these “forces” could be running around causing havoc. In my case, it seemed to be a positive thing, as things that I had been worried about just suddenly started getting solved. For example, I need a law internship soon to graduate, and the moment I began feeling like I had hopelessly waited too long to apply for any, random students approached me and offered me multiple options, basically telling me that they can get me in to this or that firm based on my reputation and their endorsement very easily.

Anyway, when I was told about the “presence,” I immediately told Azazel I wasn’t holding him there, and that he could go, or stay, or whatever he likes, and I apologized for evoking him in vain over and over again, because I give up when the evocation seems to fail.

Anyway, the other night, I feel I had more significant success. I told Azazel I needed some sort of sign in order to psychologically feel confidence over the working. I had managed to get into TGS, maybe beyond TGS. My experience seems to be very different than other people’s. I hear hundreds of conversations kick off when I reach that state, none of them towards me. Too many to really hear what they’re saying. I also hear music, classic rock mainly (lol), in perfect renditions. Then it’ll silence after a few minutes. I believe this is merely the noise of my own brain externalized.

In any case, after the silence, I evoked Azazel, assumed he was present, issued the task, and then asked for a sign of his presence. It was then that I heard what sounded like a dog making a noise, a sort of half-growl, and I felt the paw land on my hand, as if comforting me (as I was emotional), and then pull away.

Still not 100% positive, as I have never read of Azazel taking such a form, but I took it as a powerful sign and ended the ritual.

In any case, it is certainly progress. I will continue evoking, aiming for more substantial contact.

It seems small, of course, but for me, this is a pretty big step up from the petty chaos magick style sigils I have been doing for the longest time. I’ve improved a great deal simply by watching more of E.A. and researching deeply into this forum.


That definitely sounds like progress. As for dismissing, to me it depends on what you want. For myself I want close personal bonds and enjoy having the spirits in my life. I’m 100% okay with giving them room to work and not always being in control. If it’s something I have a hard limit on I let them know, otherwise I’m pretty open to things. As for form they are infinite. They can be whatever they choose to be. So if someone shows up looking like Oscar the grouch for you, and nobody else, just go with it. I’ve had spirits take what felt like an animal form. Feeling invisible cats sleeping on my legs or running across my bed etc. Still have no idea who this was, but it was very comforting.


I also suspect the dog-like form was specifically chosen to comfort me, as I had been concerned about being shocked by sudden black shadows or figures, knocking me out of TGS. I live in a bad area so I tend to become paranoid of house invaders and would hate to be snuck up on while in the middle of a ritual. The dog, albeit invisible, on the other hand, would have been the most comforting form for him to take, and certainly not one that I would have chosen for him if it was up to me. The touch was extremely soothing and made me quite joyful at the time.


A dog (was it big?) could be seen as a protector (guard dog) if you are in a bad area. :slight_smile: I haven’t been banishing daimons after evoking or even dismissing. What I started doing in the last few days is releasing them to do their work. Dismiss and banish to me have connotations of “now get the fuck out” whereas releasing them feels more like “thanks for coming, you can go when you want”

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The dog-form was invisible, but judging from the source of the half-growl and the size of the paw as it touched me, I would say it was about the size of a German Shepard.

As to dismissal–I also dislike the term and also tried to say, essentially, “thank you! You can stay, or you can go, or do whatever you like.” It feels wrong to “dismiss” in an authoritative manner such a powerful spirit that is helping you.

On the other hand, I feel I should release him at a minimum, especially when I fail to ask for anything, as a point of politeness. I also want to cut down on people sensing the spirit near me or other strange events happening to get my attention.

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I really haven’t been worrying about it, I don’t feel comfortable telling someone I asked to come to go. I did however say I release you to do the work I have asked of you last night after I did some baneful stuff


You, sir, are clairaudient. You should try meditating and tune in to some of those sounds.


Let me know when you find your firm I’m looking for a black magician attorney so pm me and let me know where you are located and when you are ready to take on clientel.