Profane Fucks

Okay, ive reached a point of utter disgust for all of the profane lesser organisms out there attempting to associate or affiliate themselves with occult Orders that would devour them like wolves. Examples: go online and see how many little undisciplined subcultural factions taking refuge under the umbrellas of ‘rock’ or ‘punk’ or what have you attempt to project an image of affiliation with the ONA or Temple of the Black Light. 99 percent are neurochemically inept and just lack the capacity to perform ritual with actual success yet they all tag their pathetic little goth pics with “218” or “93”. Motherfuckers literally even tattoo the Eye of Providence or the Owl and Bohemian Club emblem and have nothing to do with these orders. They try to pose as reclusive adepts of the elite circles and they couldnt even prove themselves in 15 minutes of simple meditation, let alone “directing the forces of nature”. Am I just irritated and ranting or has anyone else noticed this kind of shit too? I just cant fathom where these peoples brains are at. Its like a boy scout wearing a Special Forces tab. Not only did you not earn it, it doesnt even fit you to begin with.

Fucking TRUTH!!! I wish I could like this shit twice.

When I bring this up I just get told that I’m preaching or that I’m hurting the feelings of the other “Black Magicians”.

When meaningless posturing and “victim mentality” shenanigans pass for black magick and empowering yourself it’s a quick reminder that solo practice and avoiding such groups altogether will bring you much more success. It’s painfully obvious after a few conversations who is actually doing work and who is just role playing. For the most part what you find is a bunch of sheep who have become disenfranchised with their shepherd and go looking for something new and exciting and that’ll get them some shock value in the process. They then find a someone they can identify with or worse think “I wannna be just like THAT GUY/GAL!” so you end up with the same old sheep with a different shepherd and the further propagation of the “Occulture” as Orismen has so succinctly put it before.

I read a quote from Bro Moloch the other day where he said Satanists have become the Baptists of the occult. I can’t help but agree. Most of the Satanist I choose to associate with are some of the most intelligent and insightful people Ive ever had the pleasure of meeting. The average Satanist taking a dozen selfies duck facing with a Baphomet T-Shirt and “Hail Satan” night light are a far cry from what I consider the real deal and make it harder for true Satanists to find legitimacy as a religion or philosophy.

But what do you do? The “Occulture” is growing by the day and there are plenty of cool looking books to buy so your friends can see your into “Teh Bleck Megickz” and you can’t wait to tell ALL your friends how your summoning demons and throwing curses! Man, you’ll be so fucking cool, you’ll never get picked on again or rejected by girls or guys… you’ll be somebody as soon as you get this or that and a fucking wizard hat!

But…But…I wanted to be like Katy Perry she is so in the illuminati dudez.

Didn’t you know little Wayne sold his sole to the Lucifer now he has mega tattoos & is so occult.

Everyone in my highschool does it, we gonna be illuminati even though we can’t form a cohesive sentence structure. What are these ‘books’ you speak of? Read? I don’t read, I’m too cool.

Satan loves me because I hate Jebus. Hail the debil.

For realz


I wish I could post YouTube videos from my phone…but going along with this thread, look up “Pentagram Sam”

Thank you all for the confirmation. To clarify myself, Im just tired of jumping on instagram and seeing some random lame ass goth chick tagging her selfies “#orderofnineangles” or getting a tattoo of a sigil releases by the TOTBL and not having a clue what it really is or the depth of its meaning. Anyway thank you all for supporting my hate :slight_smile: my darker personalities are here for you too.

Are people really that stupid to tattoo sigils without understanding their meaning? Sigh, they deserve any backlash they get.

I know how you feel, but why bother at all? Be one more wolf in the pack, have them as rat labs, sex toys, whatever, a idiot person that trully seeks occult knowledge and power is one thing, other is to think you’re the fucking one for hailing Satan.

Oh yeah, and in regards to my first post in this thread, no offense to anyone here who happens to be a green beret and went through the boy scouts as a kid. As a matter of fact, if you are a boy scout-counterterrorist operator-black magician who sips starbucks and jumps on the BALG forum to see my rants then youre one all american badass

Well i don’t think most of these people claim to be satanist or anything for real, i think they are atheist and that’s why they have the nerves to tattoo whatever symbol they think looks cool - i mean i wouldn’t be brave enough to do that :smiley:

I understand their point, and they can choose to do what they want with their bodies i think they just want to please their & their friends eyes with those symbols, but it is of course stupid to tag yourself in instagram or whatever claiming you are part of some order. and i personally don’t understand when people tattoo themselves with pentagrams and stuff either if they are atheist - but i guess that’s the point they just think it look nice/ they want to show the world that they are into black metal or smthn which is what it usually means.

Btw, i sometimes do duckfaces in pics/people at least see duck faces in my pics because i just happen to look like that with certain smile. Wish i had satanic shirt too :smiley: i don’t at the moment, neither i have any tattoos and don’t know will i ever get and what kind. Btw! this means i’m hc rebel for not having tattoos ! oh yeah!

Forgot to mention i’m a guy, because i sometimes might just sound faggot enough to be mistaken :DDD also, i’m straight.

Thanks all i needed some good old fashioned hating on people that truly deserve it this morning, hilarious, i think theses kids see themselves as this:

^ That lady looks too much like the Vampire dude from Twilight.

That i do wanna say, that i don’t understand the people who write in their online whatever website profiles that they are “witch” i wonder what the fuck they mean by it, because i seriously doubt that people who can’t even write moderately their own fucking language can’t be anywhere near a true witch. And when such people come to talk with me, i also might notice that they don’t have even the smallest kind of general knowledge about anything.

My piece of rant :D, was kind of pissed when someone just a moment ago started talking to me online and i guess that someone claimed to be a witch, but couldn’t write her own language even at the level i can - and didn’t fucking know where my country is :smiley: i admit i got slightly pissed about that. The person actually thought i live in Canada for no understandable reason. If this person is in this forum, i have to say i don’t know how did you fucking manage to find here.

I think a lot of people use the word "witch"to describe themselves to make themselves seem more powerful than they are, or they just like the way it sounds.
I’ve met “witches” and a coven that didn’t even practice anything. They just liked religious Wicca. But there was no “craft”.

I’m more annoyed with the “Satanicker than thou, have we mentioned we’re all Satanists lately…” dumbass, technically inept, indifferently made Product coming out of Hollywood. “I’m so superior to you that I make brainwashing pseudo-art to advance the agendas of my corporate masters instead of devoting myself to becoming an Adept of a serious art to express and advance my own Will like the real magicians do. I’m destroying the system from the inside by blindly following instructions from the top! I participate in dehumanizing and brainwashing you and rationalize this behavior by hating you for being brainwashed and dehumanized.”

Magic gave us David Lynch and Jodorowsky - Satanists gave us The Purge. Magic gave us Pachelbel, Satanists coughed up Lil’ Wayne. Perhaps the real occult conspiracy is to rob humanity of evolution by making art and literature so universally awful that no one will consume it anymore? Make way for the coming Master Race of illiterate fucktards…

(My writing habits and quality have improved immensely since collaborating with demons, by the way. The problem does not seem to be on their end.)

If I had a dollar for every time someone called themself a witch Id put bill gates to crying shame. Yes its literally that bad. At my friend’s metaphysical shop I get girls trying to impress me as self proclaimed priestesses of Hecate forming their own coven. Sure you are :slight_smile: keep playing dress up with your robe. Orismen will know what Im talking about lol. As far as wannabe Satanists thats even worse.

True… But still…

God that’s awful. I would call them out on their Bullshit, but I’m guessing that’s bad for business.

Well, with respect, in my opinion you should be embracing this stuff, because in Britain at least we have much more serious problems, and a high level of social acceptability for anything occult is a seriously GOOD thing, even where it’s often little more than a passing fashion statement.

In Britain, one in ten children under the age of five is now being born into a Muslim family, and that number’s only going to grow - there’s a very reasonable demographic prediction that by 2050, Britain will be a majority Muslim nation.

I don’t know how many of you are aware but hardline Islam is no friend of occult practitioners (list of some documented Islamic witch hunts, including in Europe).

While some will westernise, many more don’t (there are many young British-born Muslims who are far more hardline than their parents), and there’s little encouragement to fit in because our present leaders and the media have a positive hard-on for raging multi-culturalism - so long as that culture’s not the native one.

In recent years we’ve had an attempted takeover of state-run schools in the city of Birmingham by hardline Muslim extremists (1 & 2), which was initially dismissed by the left & centrist mainstream media (including the BBC) as an allegation akin to seeing Elvis on the moon, and which has subsequently proven to be correct and carefully orchestrated.

Last year we had a British soldier (out of uniform) hacked to death in the streets of London by Muslim extremists (Lee Rigby) and in England at least, there’s a very real possibility of sharia law becoming a second and recognised legal system, despite the parts of that law that discriminate against women and non-Muslims are contrary to both British and EU law (Law Society promotes sharia).

We’ve also had self-appointed Muslim vigilantes protesting outside Muslim-owned restaurants in the east end of London who sold alcohol (fully story with photos), and homophobic “enforcement patrols” in London’s east end by the same (link).

Immigration to our country was opened up by Blair’s regime and subsequent funding cutbacks mean that it remains basically unchecked: any criticism of this is shouted down as bigotry, and the major business interests actually lobby for more, since it provides an ongoing underclass who will accept the poor living & working conditions and low wages most British born people (inc. 2nd & 3rd generation immigrants) refuse to tolerate.

A lot of young British & European Muslims have recently gone to Syria to fight (3, 4, 5), and they’ll be allowed back in: our own security services say that once they’ve returned, they’ll likely pose the greatest threat this country has ever seen - and no-one really has any way of stopping the ongoing recruitment of these men (and some women) nor any legal remedy to prevent them returning here, radicalised and with a taste for violence.

Meanwhile, the Islamic State (formerly known as “ISIS”) continues to spread out across the middle east, massacring religious minorities and their leaders now appear to be turning their eyes to south east Asia (7): proof that radical Islam remains an expansionist force and that many of its adherents are willing to mete out death to anyone outside their religion.

The direction this country’s moving in, maybe not quite yet (although there are some areas of London where you just can’t walk, as a lone female, wearing anything revealing and not get severely verbally harassed by Muslim men) but maybe 30, 50 years further down the line with the demographic changes and political incompetence that’s fuelling the fire, I foresee huge problems for people like us in the UK.

Finally on that topic, we have a government right now that’s trying to completely dismantle the welfare state, the NHS, the police force and prison services, and every other piece of civil infrastructure that’s kept England fairly stable since the end of WW2, and has allowed us to have a politically-involved middle class - all of which are only going to fuel extremism (it was this deregulation that helped the school-takeover plot to run unchallenged for so long), whilst leaving us with few of the props needed to tackle it.

I don’t usually talk about politics, especially controversial areas like this, and I don’t mean to hijack this thread into a debate about the relative merits of Islam as a religion, but it seems to me that we’re heading for the kind of problems that only ten years ago would have seemed unthinkable in a developed western European nation, and which will have a serious impact on our freedom of belief and practices in the future.

So from where I stand, a widespread popular acceptance of the dark arts is a VERY GOOD THING - it provides a buffer for those of us who ARE serious, makes what we do more widely socially acceptable and less weird, and acts in all kinds of vague but necessary ways to protect the vital freedoms of belief we’ve already fought for so many times before.

I’m not sure what you call wannabe satanists, there are many sects of that and not every of them have to do spells - and at least they don’t claim to be “witch” which would mean that you are actually spell casting/magical working witch.

I don’t know what will i think about the trend of wearing pentagrams and ankhs because they are cool, i even noticed that many people have recently tattooed ankhs - i wonder do they know any meaning behind that symbol either… Well ofc its anyone’s freedom to wear what they want, but i dunno kinda can be annoying if the person is very negative about spiritual/mystical stuff yet wears that stuff on themselves.

I’m personally just myself, i don’t know can i categorize myself. but if i have to try explain someone i just either say “i’m a spiritual person” or even “its kinda like something new age” because they won’t know what i’m talking about anyways, or maybe “i’m a weirdo” or even that i’m a kind of spiritual satanist, or a straight out satan worshipper. even if that might sound “bad” i don’t care. which i truly am is myself.

pardon me if this post was bit goofy, kinda late here at the moment.

OH shit… Will be horrible if britannia became muslim! Lady eva is right here, that is much much bigger threat for example, so there is no reason to cry for such little things really.

Only post that truly had relevance in this thread was truly by her, and she stand against the majority… Eva truly is wise and i’m not trying to be Eva worshipper here :smiley: just kind of a fan.

Oh yeah, and somehow i really just don’t like muslims. think anything you want about that fact. But i think there are some really obvious reasons.