Problems with visualization & concentration pertaining to an exercise, what to do?

In short it’s a problem relating to trouble concentrating on holding and maintining perfect conecentration for 10 minutes. The exercise consists of the visualizing a pendulum swinging back and forth for the aforementioned amount of time. My concentration vanes & the pendulum goes in & ut of focus, sometimes I see other images instead; the overall visual quaility of the visualization is grainy, meaning I can see the outline and with enough swinging back & forth it clears up a bit to where I begin to see details.

Here’s what I’ve tried to fix the described problems. I’ve tried to do other meditations recomended by BALG e.g. working mostly with my 3rd eye f.e.The Blue Ray meditation, the meditation suggested by crowely presented in MBLM course, even chakra work. I read somewhere about relaxation plays a role in visualization so I’ve to tried to relax more in addition to f.e. siting in darkness to cut out other distractions but somewhow it didn’t help all that much.
Before you tell me this; I get it that you need to sit and do an exercise over and over until it clicks but I’ve been at it with this exercise for quite a while nearly a month & a half, so what do you guys recommend to fix visualization & concentration problems.
I guess I should admit & say I do have problems with concentration and the like because of certain type of diagnosis, that’s all I’ll say about that.

The more tips the better.

All the best to all magicians out there in your work


Think of as many things as possible until your mind basically implodes and you’re left with nothing in your mind then try visualizing.
That’s what I do sometimes


I will definently try that & see if it helps. Thanks! :slight_smile:


This is a bit mundane but it helps. Buy a fantasy or paranormal book series and try to imagine what is being described in book world. it help spark creativity and visualisation. :slight_smile:


Mundane or not if it works it works & I’ll be sure to try it out. :wink:

For some people sport exercise helps. Or a long walk to keep it simple (walk fast so that your tired).

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Oh and music. Binaural beats just in the background, not to loud.

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Along with the excellent advice above, daydreaming in general helps, whenever you get spare time don’t watch TV or go on social media, try to daydream about a situation, of any kind you will enjoy. It helps develop your inner vision and creative imagination.


For myself I actually have an easier time visualizing with my eyes open. I block out the world and can see and feel things with my mind’s eye. When my eyes are closed I tend to hyper focus on the back of my eyelids and not get very far with what I’m doing.