Problems with possesion

Recently someone performed a ritual to get me possesed.I’m having trouble connecting to the spirit.I’ve done all the exercises from the ME course,and even opened the sigil and told the spirit to take complete control.What else should I be doing?

Invoke the spirit using your true will. First, call it into the room until you can clearly feel it, then will it all into your body. You can also make a verbal pact of possession, as well as offering some blood. Blood is a sure way to get possessed.

What’s a good method of invoking a spirit for possession?

You might look at it as a progressive involvement, in other words- say automatic writing: start off with a sense of what a word (or drawing lines) might be and write that… once you have a sense of that, then let it guide your hand more closely… and then progress to where you are moving your hand moment by moment- like a puppet/marionette. Thus it isn’t looking to hand-off right away- but a slight “intuition” increases until there is a sense of being directed-directly (extend that to gestures perhaps sounds… which can be directed to help Connect, but more so it is a calibration-period).
Sometimes there is a thought of “I want to be guided/ even ‘taken over’ by” and yet that is thought from the perspective of “I want to be ‘there’ to experience it” (which is a bit of contradiction)… like falling asleep, but staying awake to be able to see it happen.

(also the possessing doesn’t need to mean the movie-style “new personality” & amnesia; it could be a portion of the ‘sense of self’ -like an addition mem-res program on a computer, running in the background, adding its processing to the whole…
< -question of if the spirit is looking/waiting to be involved in certain ways, just as there are things you wouldn’t want “you” to do, get a sense of what/how it (the Entity) operates and seeks to contribute/coop. >

If it’s a demon, open Lucifer’s sigil first and ask him to send that demon to you and make it willing to fulfill your requests. Lucifer always does it.

Then go ahead and summon the demon by chanting it’s name. There is no way to actively get possessed. I mean there’s no method for it. You just… don’t think. You just lose yourself. Use true will.

The true will manifests like this: a fraction of a second before you begin chanting the demon’s name (every time, over and over), you are in a state of nothingness. You are the void. You are nothing. Then, from that void, the name of the demon is chanted by you. Being able to get into the void state is a very important and powerful aspect of magick. And there’s absolutely no method for that. You just get into the void state, only for a fraction of a second, then, from there, the demon’s name is chanted.

Also, what’s important is that you don’t force the demon to come. You LET YOURSELF chant the name. Feel as if the name is chanted through you, springing from that void state you get in, a fraction of a second before the chanting.

You’ll eventually understand what I mean. When you get it done correctly, you should feel a click inside you, every time you chant the name. Like your whole being says “fuck it” and you lose yourself. It’s very easy, but at the same time very hard to understand.

Just don’t think. Shut down the conscious mind.

Good info.I’m trying to become possessed by Paralda though so I don’t think calling Lucifer would work although I have been trying to invoke Lucy.Any suggestions on elemental spirits?