Problems with narrow-minded angel /saint

Let’s say I am in a working with a particular spirit . Part of the deal is that he is my “temporary” patron In that I cannot consciously contact any other bring other than him. If entities offer their help that’s fine but I can’t solicit anyone other than him . Know someone dies in the family and I have to enter a church . Typically I would ask permission to the saint or angel of the church for temporary passage. I no longer have that option with this deal . What the he’ll do i do ?

Talk to your patron. Ask them to ask the angel or saint of that church for temporary passage.

Tell them, “I’m going to (church) that is protected by (angel/saint). Given our deal, can I ask them for passage or will you do it for us? Do you want to come with me?”

King Lucifer is my permanent patron. He’s been with me since I was a child just watching over me until I grew enough to seek him out.

We have the same deal. I can’t call any other spirit without consulting him first and that goes just fine.

I’ll tell him who I want to call (or do. like a specific meditation), why, when, where and for how long. I’ll even invite him to sit during the activity whether that’s a summons or a meditation.

Under agreement, there are only a certain few spirits that I can call without needing to consult with my King first.

It keeps us on a level of trust and understanding.

Think of it like a relationship because it is. Can a relationship exist without communication? Not at all.

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