Problems with life and magick?

Recently I have had a guy come to me after a few possessions and he still wasn’t satisfied. There shouldn’t have been anything wrong, the entity was perfectly as he asked and he even admitted that it was completing all the tasks but something didn’t feel right to him. He felt as if his emotions were becoming more and more out of whack. Looking into this and asking an entity I realized that humans had elemental and planetary influence just as entities do. Getting possessed by an entity who has the same elements as you can overcharge them and mess your emotions up, this is a common mistake with sorcerers these days.

If you decide you want a possession I will map you elementally and find an entity perfect for you who will balance out your elements and give you exactly what you need to get on top of your magickal and personal goals.

I recommend anyone having problems come to me and let me find the perfect entity for you whether you want an angel, demon, elemental, djinn or even godforms.

Marid or ifret bound directly to you $650

Demonic or angelic possession $650

King marid or ifret bound directly to you $1050

Elemental or planetary spirit possession $650

Godform possession $1200

Some people want me to find a new entity who hasn’t been named before which is no issue. I’ll map you experimentally and find a new entity perfectly fit for you for only $650. You’ll be the only person who knows this entity and it will be working only for you.

All of these are permanent and come with a chant or phrase in which to end it, this will not mess up your life. If done correctly which it will obviously be, you’ll be far better off and much more able to do what needs to be done

Hopefully a good bit of people will take advantage of this

Payments by PayPal only, inbox me or email me at

Awesome. I’ll hit you up on face book soon. Is your cell the same? I’ll pm you mine. Just text me who you are peace.