Problems with "GOD"

I’m having internal issues with magickal systems that appeal to YHWH. Something very strong inside me tells that YHWH is different from the “All”, “The Creator”, THE God. In my view everything that personifies and entitles God limits it, and if it is limited is not “The All”. The closest view I believe about God is from the “Caibalion” that God is “The All”, infinite and unknowable. Everything that tries to define it diminishes what it really is.

So studying some context of magickal systems I realize that there are stories where God is angry, God punishes, God cares. And this is so human and imperfect. A Tibetan monk would better solve the situations where God got bored in these stories. So im afraid that YHWH and all other gods that people try to define (limit) are just huge egregors.

I’m not at all safe and comfortable calling these Gods (in the context that they are absolute, i feel like im feeding a fake god with a lot of power of my will do you understand?) for making rituals and reading psalms to practice certain types of magic like Solomonic and Angelic magic. And somehow i do believe in Divine Power, and Angels. I do believe they were created to assist in the process of creation. And i want to contact them.

So my question is if you think it is possible for me to really have contact with angels ignoring tradition and creating my own method. My objective is to contact the divine ignoring all biblical aspects, psalms and that names like YHWH, Adonai, Elohim and instead calling for “The All”, “Universe” in a “neutral” and “real” way. My soul just cant worship something that feels very wrong. My intuition cries out loud telling me that all those stories are not what it really is.

What is your vision about YHWH do you believe he is indeed the creator and master of all that is and will be? And Angels give a damn for those things at all?

Many thanks to anyone who reads my distress. It’s something that is holding back my evolution.


Yes it’s possible to contact and work with that specific deity with creating your own method.

I believe he’s ONE creator as all the born Gods are creators, creators of their own races and demi-realms. As for the all and that will be? no, that’s just religious additions imo. I find that the Gods, their races, angels, etc don’t really care for human religion, rather when a person takes on a path they are more into the dedication the person puts into their path not the religion and such.


I believe, too that YHWH is one creator among others. As I had visions of it he let his first born son (Ashmunadai) create on earth as well, like his mother. Once I read a story I never could find again. Nine serpents came to earth… YHWH was the first serpent, the rest was his fellowship.
But this story is another field.

According to my visions I had in 2017 and maybe early 2018 Yehova is fallen. He became human and doesn’t know himself. As Jesus, he thought he would be only one of the children of God…
The Dragon thrown out of heaven on to earth was YHWH himself and not the Devil. He changed his appearance for defense while being attacked in heaven.

YHWH had silver eyes & total black
hair with total white skin.
He is the kemetic Atum - The one who has created himself alone. God lost his bet with the Devil. He became human as I said according to my visions and what the Angels taught me.

I believe Yehova was the master of the universe.
According to my visions his abilities were the best in comparison to other creators. They had competitions, I guess. Due to these he was crowned once with a crown with seven horns what symbolized the chakras. But with this inthronisation his Fall began slowly.

The day when Yehova recognizes himself with his name again will propably be the beginning of his return.

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Wait, what? are you merging the christian God with an Egyptian God?

I am comparing the highest creator of the Christians with the highest creator of the Kemetics. The modern science compares the kemetic Thoth with the Greek Hermes and says he is the same. I agree with that due to my experience with Thoth-Hermes before reading about it and I think this is possible with Yehova and Atum, too. And I have to add, the visions I had made me believe Yehova was well known to the Old Egyptians but under his other name Atum.

I found the term “He who created himself”
is quite descriptive for YHWH.

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Yahweh is mentioned minimally in Canaanite as a minor War and sky God actually.

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I’m still new and green to all this so feel free to chuck this opinion in the fuck it bucket.

I feel the same way about this. I grew up roman catholic and I have a really difficult time with any dogmatic religion due to the mind fuxkery.

I beleive that you can totally have contact with tje angelic realms without involving dogma and religion in the mix…i still talk with my GA…i just don’t always take his advice or like it. But he still gives it. Thats a connection I made almost 24 years ago when I first started being Catholic. It didnt stop when I renounced it. I just chose to listen to other advice from other sources.

I am also very eclectic in my practice and views. I practice both rhp and lhp as I believe in balance. And I mix my egregors and daemons from across vairous pantheons like some millennials version of spicy Christmas chex mix. I havent been stuck down yet (knock on wood) or grown a tail or horns (sadly) or had the hand of God come down and bitch slap my ass over it either yet.

I do feel like there is a supreme force that created all but I believe that we are the creators it left in charge of this realm. Kind of like this dimension is preschool for baby gods learning the basics. And we rinse and repeat until we figure it out. And then we move up but still in the physical…like a merging and melding of the dimensions. (My own personal interpretation on this and I’m ignorant as fuck still so keep that in mind)

Also My views are in constant flux as I learn so bear with me as this was just a personal realization I had and thought was kinda interesting, i also feel like we could well be the fallen angels the Bible speaks about and our whole purpose is to ascend and learn through this dimension how to be full creative forces. Its been mentioned in more than one religion that this plane of existence is hell or heaven depending on the experiencer.

I would suggest to follow your gut and instincts and go with what feels right. This is magick not dogmatic religion and to my mind is entirely open to personal interpretation. As both magick and personal gnosis can truly only be viewed through the practitioners eyes and life.


Thanks people. Im so glad with all of your answers and views. They are all adding me something to keep going.

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I find myself having the same problem too. It’s all that Christian programming that most of us have had deconstruct and for me, personally it’s still a work in progress. I practice hoodoo and I believe that the Bible is my number one grimoire. I don’t actually take the stories to be historically accurate and on top of that, I have to choose for myself what was actually divinely inspired and separate it from the prejudice and political ideologies the authors had. I’m gay as hell. I love men! But the Bible and Yahweh don’t like that shit. Instead I’ve decided to look at god as the Kybalion describes and I work my hoodoo through the that lense. Hermetic conjure, if you will.

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You wrote about the fallen Angels in that post.
What this path brought to me was to find out by conversations and visions that I am a fallen Angel. My name was Lukianof.

Maybe you find something comparable out on your path, too? I can’t say it but if you have the chance with a spirit ask more about yourself if there’s something to know.

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Yahweh isn’t the God he claims to be. He’s highly delusional, and likes to hurt his followers that break the covenant with im (i.e. a baptism is the making of a covenant). I call him the God of Disconnection. Meaning, he represents the disconnection many of us have from who we really are.

Imo, the God who we’ve all heard about is the Inner Being (Godform, Higher Self, etc). Your definition might differ and that’s fine.

If at any point you feel like you’d like to be protected from Yahweh and his minions, Cohzier is the spirit to call upon.


Okay. I want to hear your opinion for this:
I say Yehova/Yahweh is fallen and doesn’t know himself while wandering on Earth as a human.
He has to be awakened again.
This case doesn’t need Cozier, imo.

When I got baptized I ended up with a angel guide but the angel kept blocking me from other things and it was at that point I ended up separated from the air elemental I was practicing with as a kid ( I started at 8) and later like 10-12 I rejected said faith and had said angel banished. Baptism I do agree is a form of covenant. My siblings still have theirs and I see them from time to time but their angel guides are pretty chill.

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Imo, he walks with/within each and every one of us who haven’t got a steady and healthy relationship with who we really are i.e. the best versions of us. So in this way he is walking on earth. As for reawakening him - he isn’t the one who needs to be reawakened. Each and every disconnected human needs to awaken at some point. Until then, their false selves serve Yahweh.

The Gatekeeper ritual is a good way to deal with your false self.

No, Cohzier isn’t required in this case, but I dropped Cohzier’s name for any who do feel they need protection and guidance.

In my opinion Yahweh ever was a
person and no unpersonal ‘power’.
Yahweh became Jesus through his time on Earth. I’m telling from the visions I had and
what the Angels taught me…

The way I experienced Yahweh was just as a normal Deity, I do believe him to be a delusional God or was once before. A self destructive “I am the one true God” type of deity. However, like any being in existence I also believe he could of reincarnated into a human life either by choice or by some happening within the spiritual between all the other Gods who knows. My experience with his angels while indirectly involved him, I never cared much for what was going on around him unless it affected me which some bits did and large chunks didn’t.

It is my current understanding that he is the product of the first human’s disconnection with who he really was i.e. his Inner Being. That tells me Yahweh doesn’t have an Inner Being, therefore I don’t see how it’s possible to reincarnate in this world.

Yahweh was then empowered by every disconnected human who lived. The fears, rage, hatred, and even doubts that we all harbour are the shackles through which we serve him.

That’s my current understanding. :wink:


The way I see him is the Canaanite War/sky God that went from a minor God to a major God through the creation of his own pantheon such as Lucifer did with the Infernal Nation, even the Gods face politics. However, the unified egregore created through that said means I can understand.

I couldnt agree more. I knew at age 6 shortly before my baptism and shortly after learning about Catholicism that I was gonna be damned to hell for eternity because of what I was…i didnt even know what i was but I knew it was gonna get me sunburned for sure. At age 6. That shit has stuck with me my whole fucking life. And I need to do some reversals on my baptism and other rites. I was a full fledged sheep ready and praying for the slaughter.
I see myself as a succubus or fallen angel but I’m not sure how much is over active imagination and how much is legit possible. Im still green as fuck and ignorant as fuck in soooo much of this.

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I mean, at some point if I could tarot it when my cold goes away which so far is just sniffles left lol but I like doing stuff like this. If you mean you believe your soul to be either of those xD

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