Problem with divination for myself

I have problem with divination (tried runes and tarot deck)- when I make reading for someone it is ok, I can made interpretation with no much problem, reading is mostly clear for me and it’s fulfill in most part according to what peoples says.
But when I make divination for myself… it’s total mess I can’t make any meaningful interpretation. I don’t know what can be the source of this.
Anyone had a similar problem and solved it?


I know this problem very well. Try to meditate before and exceptions your question you want answers for, make your Head empty. Really empty. Than start to take Cards from the table (make all cards on it) and take one by one.

If you Have finished write all down and your first Impressions too. Make a picture and when you are finished look at it after a few days again. You will see more.

If you repeat this next months IT will become easier and easier.

Kind regards!


Thanks, I will try it :slight_smile:

Clear your heart, clear your mind, do the reading as it’s for someone else. Don’t have expectations, just read what you see and mostly what you feel.


Best answer!

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Oh I’ve heard about this trouble from a lot of tarot readers. The solution is just letting it go naturally, the tarot cards reveal what they want to reveal, and do not ask such questions like Yes or No, ask them about ur past, present and future.

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Thank you all for answers, i will try to use your advice in future divinations :slight_smile: