Problem seeing spirits

So I’ve learned to open sigils the t/g sync is coming pretty naturally,but when I call for the spirit to come nothing happens.I don’t feel the presence or see the spirit.I’ve tried just sigil majick but no results so far.Could someone give advice on some exercises to bring the spirit not only into physical form,but to just feel it’s presence.Nothing is seeming to work out and I’m starting to get discouraged.I can’t seem to reach the crossroads.

Based on the sequence of events, it seems you have yet to learn how to be suitably receptive or at least open up your perception to be such. If you happen to have the mastering divination courses, they would be helpful for one reason. The divination exercises have the dual purpose of not only allowing you to learn how to receive information but also extract it in a manner that your senses can perceive it.

Since you can get into theta-gamma, it does seem to me that what you need to is get used to whatever you are doing.

I am sorry that you cannot behold spirits, if you have any book about evocation of Koetting, it can help, the e book can help you, but in my oppinion and only in my oppinion, if you really desire to be succsessful in mastering evocation, with the Koetting´s system, you need the mastering evocation course, books are not enought. I began with the e book and I purchased evoking eternity… I didn´t get succsess, then I purchased the mastering evocation course and I am getting succsess!!. The complete system “step by step” of evocation of spirits is not revealed in the books, it is revealed in the course.
I hope that you can geit it, good luck!

I have the mastering evocation course and evoking eternity.What parts of these helped you with seeing and hearing the spirits better?

Sections: 4,5,6 and 7

I’ll go back and watch those sections.I thought after being able to open sigils that I would find success in evocation,but I’m starting to get discouraged.I’m at a point in my life where I need majickal intervention and can’t get anything to work.Thanks for the tips though.