Problem of draining energy

So well I am happy that I have improved communication with spirits but a new problem has arised. I am feeling very weak and unable to perform rituals. Well should there be break between rituals we perform or can we do multiple rituals in a row without a break?

Banish gar na tah aani malai bhanna sakdaina this insta ma

If you are feeling tired from any works that you have done previously, I’d personally recommend waiting until you rest a bit else the rituals may not work to the degree they otherwise could.

Do you ground? It sounds like a grounding problem >.> honestly.

When you do ritual you are releasing energy ‘out there’, raising it, drawing it, etc. Of course it is going to be draining.

When you start to feel drained, take a break. If you push yourself there will be all sorts of backlash, from general sluggishness to headaches to outright chills. Those are among the mundane things that come off the top of the head. If you are constantly weakened from preforming too much, who knows what astral nasties might seek to take advantage of that and your improved communication skills for a slice of your yummy energetic pie.

The amount of rituals a practitioner can preform before needing to take a break is entirely dependent on them, their energy system, and how taxing the rite is on their body/mind. You are evoking forces to bend reality to your will. Be careful. Its not a race :slight_smile: