Problem of being able to read individuals

Today i spoke with someone who had felt distant, i began reading this individual, i could feel they were backing out of the conversation, so i tried to be polite which isn’t normally one of my strong suits.

I tried carry on this conversation, until i felt like biting their fucking head of like they were a bat and i was ozzy. Honestly my reading ability stop’s me from communicating with almost everyone, i look in their eyes and see them for the cunts they really are.

So when you have these abilities they drive you away from a social life, and you cannot react to these readings or tell them. They will think i’m performing some type of psychic scenario.

Once i even told someone they were about to become really sick, then they found cancer, its true what they say be careful what you wish for.


Conner Kendall

Weird drunk rant over.


How did you develop your psychic abilities?

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I feel you brother. Lol I cab only get past it if I keep it in my head that we are all animals and horrible, capable of the worst; we just play pretend until everyone else can evolve to have a soul like us


i don’t see them as psychic abilities i was born with it, since a 5 year old child i was reading people and i would tell adults about their life even.


True i guess haha.


I can really relate ! Sometimes it’s hard when you have to see them and deal with them every single day but you learn to block them out eventually

I just fuck with them knowing what their into Lol.