Probably was possessed by TV spirit for an hour

This was super freaky and actually kind of cool despite it being a unplanned experience.

I’ve never been fully possessed by spirits before. Most of the ones I’ve worked with have little to no interest in body possession and make their presence known by “ghost feelings” and lucid dreaming, where I keep my own consciousness.

Now, today, I was woken up by my sister indirectly. She’s not very quiet when she wakes up and this was normal. She has to get up much earlier than me so I sleep in. Well today I didn’t exactly sleep. I had this slight headache that felt like something was spreading. Soon my vision became affected until I thought I had gone back asleep. But then I was seeing strange, pixilated images about the future (future dates, what is going to happen, etc). It felt like my mind had no power and I was watching TV. I even forgot my name. The two most outstanding pieces of information are the date September 13th and a riot police had trouble containing due to fire.

When the spirit left, there was a “shrooop” sound in my ear and my vision when from static grey slowly back to normal, just in time for my alarm to go off. I was too freaked out to go back asleep. I made sure my memory was still intact; I went over my name, what I had to do today, what I know, and some basic stuff before being convinced my memory is there and my brain is working. It might take some time to recall finer and more distant memories but I seem to be able to find my personal experiences in the memories.

I don’t know what would be the best course to take. I want to make sure the spirit isn’t trying to take over my mind or influence me. I don’t think this spirit means harm but if it has the power to enter my thoughts without permission, I might want to take action, there’s no telling what it desires or how it might change my brain. I’m going to assess the situation through divination later today to see what I should do but if you want to throw around thoughts or opinions then be my guest.


You freaked me out enough to cast a ward against forceful possession immediately after reading what you posted. I don’t know enough about forceful possession to say much about what precisely happened. I would advise setting up some defences, or better still a spell of abjuration (wards are for before the event, abjuration for after the harmful/unwanted influence has already entered into your life). If the conclusion you eventually come to is that the entity in question means you harm then exorcism, banishing, or destruction of the entity becomes an option. If you think it’s the spirit of a dead person then maybe try binding it with necromancy. I really don’t know enough about this, but if you need instructions for spells feel free to PM me.

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Defenses will come up later tonight. If the spirit is persistent I have a book that has details about banishing and exorcism of harmful spirits. I’m also going to invoke one of my main patrons for protection and wear her image 24/7, and attempt to strengthen my aura. I’ve been tired working the evening shift for my new job so external forces that I’ve been keeping at bay might be finding their way to my mind directly. If I need help I’ll keep your PM offer in mind. Thanks and stay safe.

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You stay safe too. Hope all turns out alright.

I feel like you should do a divination as to the entity’s name. Perhaps it’s an entity you’ve been working with.

Posession is one possibility the other is that you slipped into a trance state and recieved oracular or prophetic messages. So maybe see if any of the spirits you work with are connected with oracles or prophecy.


I don’t believe it is because the presence seems different. Alien, almost. Divination for the name is a good idea though.

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I hadn’t thought about that but it is worth exploring. I doubt it though since I spend time feeling the auras in my temple. It was off this morning.

Update: I used runes to ask about the spirit’s name and its intention.

The runes I drew for the name were Sowelu, Hagalaz, Gebo, Laguz and Nauthiz. Their phonetic vaules gave me the arrangement SHGLN. If you know an enitity with a similar consonant arrangement in their name please notify me.

As for the intent I revived Wunjo upright. Based on my question that could mean that it is trying to cause me harm or it could bring me joy if I attempt to interact with it, which are two contradictory statements. I may have to think deeper into this before attempting to close off the spirit completely.

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What do the Runes mean togethor and seperately in relation to the Spirit and Vision? When I looked at the Runes it reminded me of an Image of a pool of energy slowly but surely colescing into various forms. “These are Gifts of Joy.” Could just be my imagination though.

I honestly didn’t understand the vision. It was a chain of loosely correlated events, many of which had negative outcomes. The vision was also highly pixelated, which suggests a few things about the nature of the entity.

Wunjo is the rune of joy.

Sowelu is life force.

Hagalaz is often correlated to disruption.

Gebo is partnership.

Laguz is the rune of water and the flow.

Nauthiz is the rune of pain, but in my case it was drawn reversed suggesting I needed a cleansing of something.

I already set up defenses with a prayer to the Diosa I’ve been devoting to and sprinkled water around my temple walls. The atmosphere is calmer now. I’m hoping I won’t go into forced possession again and the spirit will either go away or approach me in a different way with a helpful intention.

Gebo - The Actual Gift. But a Gift is not free. It must come from a source of loss.

Wunjo - the byproduct of the gift depending if you are on the receiving end.

Hagalaz - The Seed of Life from The Sourcce. Seeming, the unformed reality seems chaotic, but underlying it is a Hidden Order which can at the beginning be equated with “information,” which are forming into structures. So Hagl represents all the elements of creation near the source before it takes hold as Form.

Sowelu - like you said the life force. It represents all energy, but it can best be visualized in accordance with your choice of runes as all those specific energies as a Lightning Bolt coming from the Top of Kether from the Tree of life and striking rock bottom in Malkuth.

Laguz - it is the beginning.

Nauthiz - It is the rune that gives form. People may experience pain in their life if they try to twist their own Set Natural Order into something different. This is the reason Nauthiz is called a rune of resistance, fire and friction. It means many things actually other than resistance and friction and binding, but those are just basics.

Honestly I do not know why the spirit contacted you, but yeah just be careful.

I can’t offer any insight on the meaning of your divination work, but your mention of a pixelated vision reminds me of one that I had a few years ago. It was almost like looking at a 16-bit computer graphic or a mosaic tile image.